June 30, 2010

Feeling Blah!! Can Memories of Cinderella Help?

You may or may not have guessed and then again, you may not really care one way or the other, but Sassy Lassie has had the Sass kicked out of her the past few days. It has been hot and humid and frankly I have been out of sorts. I hate it when that happens. My mind has been swirling with all I want to get done and my body has said, "stay in bed a little while longer". I put my PJ's on Saturday night after work and did not get out of them until yesterday mid-morning.

Sewing, cooking, and cleaning has been minimal at best and now I feel behind the eight ball on everything. But the truth is I have no deadlines on anything so I guess I'll get my mojo back when it decides to come back. In the background of my life I hear the words, "LASSIE COME HOME"!!!! LAAAAAASSSSIEEEEEEE!!!

I woke up this morning and realized I had been dreaming of a church sale/fair. Do you have those where you live? When I was young, our church had a yearly "rummage sale" during the summer. My mother was on the committee so I was privy to all the great goods. It took place in our cavernous town hall of which I have more memories to share in future posts.

My friend Karen W. and I only cared about the clothes. There would be piles of clothes, shoes and costume jewelery. This was in the 1960's and many women were ridding their closets of those horrible 1950's prom  dresses. HORRIBLE!????!! What I would give to have my knowledge today and a few dollars in my pocket then and to store those precious beauties away for something unimaginable to take place in the deep dark future called E-Bay!!!

We would come home with our goods. Usually a lovely dress dripping in sequins and tulle, a pair of high heels too big for our feet and jewelery to go with it. We would dress all up and play Cinderella (the going to the Ball part) or something like that.

I wish I had pictures. I WISH I had the clothes!!! But all I have are my memories.


  1. Hello! Thanks a lot for tagging me. Unfortunately I have my hands full at the moment and rarely get around to blogging at all. I will try to answer when I have a bit more free time. Thanks!

  2. My friend's mom used to give her all of her old evening gowns, shoes and bags to play dress-up in (if we only knew then what we know now!). Many a rainy summer's day were spent in her basement all dressed up with these fabulous threads that, as you said, we all wish we kept stored away! By the way, love, LOVE, LOVE that particular Cinderella movie. It rates way up there along with The Littlest Angel (remember that one?).


  3. Those sales sound so fabulous! How fun to be able to bring home clothes and play dress-up! I want to be a girl again.
    And thank you for posting the Cinderella clips. I have loved that since I was young, and I haven't yet gotten myself a copy of the video, so it was wonderful to see the clips again after all of these years!


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