June 29, 2010

It's All About Daydreaming

With my camera on the fritz, migraines, hot flashes and continued bear watching, I was about good for nothing yesterday. I tried to sew and could not even manage a simple belt. It ended up in the garbage. I did manage to tear the whole neckline of my gingham dress back to square one. I guess I will have to go for some bias tape to finish it. I looked into making my own out of the gingham and even cut the fabric, but then gave up when I could not even manage the belt. Ugh!!!

The bear came back at about the same time again yesterday, I guess 10:30 am is breakfast time, only to be chased away before he had a chance to eat by the neighbors three dogs. Poor little bear. The  most amazing thing about it is I actually heard him/her growl at the dogs. I mean a real live bear growl. It was big and scary. Good thing I was upstairs in my sewing room, albeit only 15 feet or so away from where he/she was.

Hubby and I grew up with the TV show "Gentle Ben" and last night hubby said he wished he could have a Gentle Ben. Did I tell you he LOVES bears!!! Gentle Ben was one of our favorite TV shows growing up. Do you remember it?

Migraines, hot flashes and cramps... oh my!!!! This is how I felt all day yesterday!!!
But amongst it all I day dreamed of swimming and being cool, 
so I rummaged around on the internet for some great vintage swim suit images. 
What else is a gal to do without a camera?

The rest are family shots.
This is my grandmother in the 1920's. She is on the right.
This is my grandfather holding an unknown lady with an unknown man. 
Grandpa B. is on the left.

Grandma and Grandpa B. are one the right side of the pyramid.  
And this is my mom.

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