June 28, 2010

What's a blogger to do without a camera?

I spent hours yesterday trying to figure out what was wrong with my camera and it seems all arrows are pointing to a broken shutter. I can take photos indoors (kind of), but they are not crisp or in great focus. I guess all that depends on the shutter too. I don't have the $$$ to go out and purchase a new camera and wonder how I am going to keep blogging without one. I am quite bummed as the camera was not even 3 years old. Is nothing made to last anymore?

On Saturday I hit a couple of tag sales. What do you call tag sales in your neck of the woods? Yard sale? Barn sale? Rummage sale? And came home with some goodies!
A store was going out of business and they were selling two of these rack type display units for $5.00 each.  I purchased them right away with no thought as to how I was going to use them. It occurred to me latter that day, what a swell way for me to display my vintage aprons and vintage scarves. I could not wait to put them on the racks and photograph them, but this is when I got the first inkling that there was something wrong with my camera. The photos were coming out washed up and blurry. I hope you can still get the idea. Even hubby thought it was a great idea and he dislikes it lots when I bring stuff home from "tag sales".
Vintage aprons and Angel.

I also picked up this great set of a pitcher and two glasses marked "Tiara Ware" with Jack and Jill images.
I could not find mention of this particular pattern anywhere on the web. Maybe they are fakes. But cute none the less. I can't wait to have grandchildren and serve them milk and cookies using these.
Today is my youngest sisters birthday...so a shout out and a BIG happy birthday to Patti.
Here are some photos of us when we were younger.
Another sailor suit on me.
This is a photo taken after I spent all day at the hairdressers and she managed to put all these pipe curls in my hair. Yes, this is what I asked for, for my birthday that year. I wanted to grow up and be a model and am doing my best modeling pose. Patti followed with a pose of her own.

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