June 27, 2010

Is Mercury in Retrograde?

I know it is not...but every electronic thing in my house is going batty or shall I say beary today.

It's been a rather frustrating day. I took tons of photos of yards and yards of fabric I purchased yesterday at a tag sale and my camera seemed to be broken and the photos were not loading onto the computer. I had spent over an hour trying to load them and hubby whispered up to me in a very urgent voice to come quickly WITH the camera.

I ran down the stairs, cursing all the way, knowing there was something wrong with the camera, to find this little girl/guy hanging right outside our house. Hubby LOVES bears...LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them...so this was something special. It also has another special meaning as well that I will share with you sometime soon. What a welcome and beautiful message we were given with this bear.

The video was working fine on the camera, it seems the shutter may be broken, so video works.
So happy I was able to at least take the video.

Here are a couple of photos of the fabric I got. This is a wool and a lining which I hope to make into a wonderful 1960's style cape.
 This has to become something wonderful!
Maybe a cute little day dress for this fabric

There were yards of wool and I took them all. This is a lightweight wool plaid.

 I will see how tomorrow works with the camera, maybe it is just having an off day, although I am suspicious this is not true. I have also had migraines for the past two days and although I took my prescription meds yesterday to get through work, I don't like the side effects and today took Excedrin Migraine and I am shaking like a leaf from the caffeine.

Will post a few more of my finds tomorrow. Electronics and me are just not on the same page today.


  1. How awesome!! That is too cool that it was in your yard! Is it eating bird food? I couldn't really tell...

  2. Yes, it is sitting right under the bird feeder and eating away. Would have finished the whole thing if the neighbor and her dogs did not come by and disturb the whole thing. Hubby waited all day for it to come back, but it did not.


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