June 23, 2010

Hearts, Floods and Diaries

 When I went out looking for fireflies last night not a one could be found. Maybe it was too early. Instead I took another photo of the moon. I love how it looks like a big heart up in the sky. This is a little hello from heaven from a best friend that passed away. Thanks Karen.

What a busy day Tuesday was. I had a quick doctors appointment in the morning and then loads of groceries to get. I felt as though I was out of everything in the house, and just this moment, realize, I forgot to get raisins and peanut butter.

As I was putting the groceries away I was thinking about this blog and wondering what, oh what I could write about today. I will be working later this afternoon and may or may not get a smidgen of sewing in before I leave. What occurred to me is that writing this blog is like having a diary, only better, it is a diary with pictures. I will be able to look back and say, "Oh yes, that is what I did on such and such a day". I like this!!!

When I was a teenager I kept a diary for about 6 years and I still have them all. It is so fun to go back and see how I was feeling and what I was doing all those years ago. They make me laugh till I cry. My BFF Caryn "OB" O'Brien  tells me she used to love to spend the night at my house because when I went to take a shower she would spend the whole time reading my diary. There are so many times in my life that I never would have remembered without these. I am VERY sentimental and keep lots of things like this. My only regret when I was raising my children is that I did not keep a daily record of their lives.
Here is my 1975 diary. Today we call them journals
I looked up June 22 and I was ranting about my mother, boys and not much else. 
Oh my what drama we create as teenagers.

I also was made privy to this glorious video which I have posted a link to at the bottom of the page. It is about the town I was born in, Winsted, Connecticut, 1948. I was the fourth of 5 children and when I was born, their little cape became just too small and the family moved 10 miles north to Norfolk, Ct, which is near where I live today and also where I raised my children. Winsted (Ralph Nader is the most famous person to be born and raised there) is the town that the thrift store I talk about all the time is in. I may very well have bought something that was once owned by someone walking the streets of this video. The left side of the street remains very similar today, but almost the complete right side of the street was wiped out in the flood. My dad had an Insurance Agency on this Main Street for 25 years and my daughter Miss Moll Doll was baptized in the church on the hill (8 minutes in).
Seeing this video reminds me of what a wonderful part of the world I was brought into. I was born 4 years after the "great flood" that is spoken about in the video. I hope all of my vintage friends will enjoy seeing this video from "1948  small town America". If for nothing else, you must see the powder blue car this man is driving with the enormous white walls.

See you tomorrow, hopefully with the bodice attached to the skirt of Butterick 2981...and thanks for all the suggestions for the yoke...Really love the people that follow and comment on this blog. It makes me happy to know you!


  1. What a great piece of history that video is! I long to go back to a time like that when life was more simple. We are lucky enough to have at least had a small glimpse of what things were like then. I'm sure however, that when you were writing in that diary of yours back in 1975, you probably made some complaints of how there was "nothing to do in this boring town"! I could be wrong, but it is the quintessential teenage comment, is it not? Too bad we don't get it until we're older, huh?


  2. How wonderful to have that piece of history documented.

    I have tagged you in a game of eight questions. I hope that you will play along. Please come to my blog to read the answers to the questions that were asked of me so that you can learn more about me and to get your questions. I look forward to reading your answers and learning more about you. I have tagged you because I have been enjoying your blog very much.


  3. Thanks Trudy...enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I will work on the questions and answer them in a blog post soon. xxoo


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