June 24, 2010

Tagged...Are You It?

Yesterday I was tagged by the ever so lovely Trudy, of Sewing With Trudy blog fame. She has asked me to answer these 8 questions, so stay tuned for the answers and maybe YOU will be the next to be tagged by ME!!
1. Why do you sew?

2. Do you have a favorite sewing technique that you could share with us which would help us improve our sewing?

3. What are your favorite things you have sewn?

4. What are your five most absolute favorite sewing blogs?

5. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

6. What is something you would like us to know about you that you have never shared on your blog?

7. What is your favorite memory from childhood?

8. Can you share with us any secrets you have learned to successful living or your motto?

I spent the morning sewing and then got real hungry. With all the great food I bought yesterday I was ready to make myself a satisfying lunch.

These are two vegetables I would usually not purchase this time of year as they are still not in season in our neck of the woods. But yesterday while grocery shopping I hit one of our local treasures called, "Guido's".
It is a small market, which I LOVE, and the produce is top quality. I can get through the aisles of Guido's in half an hour or less. There is a real butcher there and great seafood to choose from. There are a lot of organics products too, and all the cleaning stuff is organic (which is all we use in our humble home).
So with these two items and basil and greens from my garden (look at the bounty and it is only June), I made lunch for me and dinner for hubby, as I will be working this evening.

 I put the corn, diced red pepper, onions, and tomato, along with some red cabbage and chopped basil into our favorite ceramic bowl. I used the micro-plane and added some lime peel and salt and pepper. Tossed it all with OEVOO (Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil) salt and pepper.
Lunch for me (which I just finished) was this salad with some grilled chicken on top of the salad greens and more OEVOO. I am full and satisfied! It feels so wonderful to eat food that is fresh and does the body good.


I have decided to add a small ruffle to the bottom of the dress, much like the one on the yoke. I don't know it this is going to work. I cut about 8-10 inches off the bottom and will be using it for the ruffle. I am still working on it. Lots of sewing!

The dress looks wonky on Hazel, as I have  not ironed it yet, but dear Hazel has been a dress saver. I don't know how I lived without her.

These are the cute buttons I am going to add to the yoke.

I'm not sure when I will finish this as I have to drive miles and miles to get bias tape for the neckline. Maybe I will do it tomorrow....until then...may blessings fall upon you.

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  1. The salad looks divine! Wish my SO would eat stuff like that. We try to eat organic and local, but if it doesn't day DelMonte than he won't eat it, which means he goes hungry a lot in my efforts to wear him down muwhahaha!

    Can't wait to see the ruffle added to the dress!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens


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