June 14, 2010

June 14th, 1952/1953

 58 years ago today my parents were married.
My dad was 25 years old and my mother 19. They met at The Jug End Barn, where my mother was working for the summer and my dad visiting with his cousin Ralph. This lovely Berkshire resort no longer exists, although today part of it is a state park where hubby and I go once in awhile to take the dogs on an adventure.Click on the link for some great vintage photos of The Jug End Barn,
The beautiful bride.
Both sets of my grandparents.
My fathers are on the left and mothers on the right.
As I have learned more about vintage fashion in the past few months I, I see that my grandmother Phelan (on the left) who was older than my mother's mother, is dressed in what appears to be more 1940's styling. My Grandma B. has more of a "new look" with her cinched waistline and fuller skirt.
What I would not do for one of those gowns!
My grandfather Phelan is on the right with the cigarette. And my dads sisters' husband, George, peeking into the photo on the left. Sadly cigarette smoking did both of these fine men in.
And please DO notice all the ladies are wearing a hat.
The flower girl and ring bearer.
No need for words except:
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
A year to the day after they were married, my sister Karen was born. I know I scanned lots of photos of her when she was a baby, but I believe I lost the scanned photos in a computer glitch earlier this year. Will have to scan them again. She is the most amazing big sister to all of us children, cherished and loved beyond measure.
Here she is with me (red dress) and my sister Patti. It appears to be Easter and God bless her I think she has her bible in her hand. Once upon a time she had a matching dress to the red dress I am wearing, Where oh where has that photo gone?

Here she is at last years celebration.
Happy Birthday Karen!!! I love you!


  1. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad, Lassie! In one of the photos of the two of them posing your Mom looks eerily like Molly (or perhaps I should say, Molly looks eerily like your Mom)....but there obviously is a strong resemblance amongst the three of you anyway--beautiful women indeed!

    Thanks for the link to Jug End--those photos make me wish I was there in "the day"!


  2. Happiest of Happy celebrations to our wonderful family!!! The "three" celebrant's are on their way to Mohegan Sun to make some CASH!!! Let's hope they strike it RICH!!! OX

  3. You know this is a really lovely post. Aside from the obvious elegance of the bygone era evident in the photographs, the essence of your close-knit family really comes across. Thanks for sharing. I'm fast becoming addicted to your blog, in particular your New England backdrop - a lovely part of the world.

  4. Thanks Charlie...I do live in a really beautiful world!!!


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