June 8, 2010

Tribute to Doris...Day that is.

My mellow Monday started with the Doris Day movie "It Happened to Jane". I loved every word in the song she sings below and want to grow up to be just like her. This movie takes place in Cape Anne, Maine and although there is not really a Cape Anne, Maine it was filled with great shots reminiscent of Maine. My daughter who I spoke of yesterday lives in Maine, so we get there a couple of times a year.

 You can read about the movie in the link above, but suffice to say it is a romantic, quaky Doris Day movie about lobsters and a train.

Last fall when we visited Molly and Maine to go to The Common Ground Fair we took a train to the fairgrounds.
All Aboard


And while at the fair Molly got snugly with a baby cow with  the same name.

 I never sewed or did much of anything yesterday. I guess I needed a day of complete rest.

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