June 7, 2010

Mellow Mondays and Miss Molly

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks it has been for me. Not all of it has been spent enjoying myself as in the photo above. It will feel good to get back to some sort of normalcy and a bit of a slowed down life. When viewing my blog you may get the impression that I am a gal that loves to go, go, go and do, do, do, but nothing could be further from the truth. I enjoy calm, slow days, spent mostly all by myself. I love being alone and just puttering around the house with nothing particular on the agenda.

I have not touched my sewing machine in over two weeks, so with a free day on the books today, I hope to sit down and put the skirt to the bodice on my practice muslin. Hazel has had a blow out on her back side which also needs fixing. I was soooo inspired by the blogger New Vintage Lady and what she did to her body double, that I also want to try my hand at doing this to Hazel, but first I need to get her body measurements closer to mine. I'm not quite sure why the waist and hips look like someone elses, or maybe I just don't have a clue of what I REALLY look like.

This photo of my daughter and me was taken by my 14 year old niece Alanna when Molly was home for Memorial Day. Alanna is an amazing photographer and I hope to have her do some photo shoots with me over the summer . This picture might just be one of my favorite pictures EVER of the two of us.
Molly is an amazing creator who inspires me in many ways. She is a writer and poet at the core of her being. What she writes is beautiful, truthful and from her soul. When she was much younger I could not fathom that the words on the paper could have come from this child of mine. They were way beyond her age and deep, very deep. She got her B. A. in Writing for Film and Television from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Here is a link to her blog Dream Catcher Diaries...go over take a look and leave a comment.

She has always had a way with small children and absolutely adores them and has chosen to take that love and her ability to think and look outside the box and work with pre-schoolers on the Autism spectrum. It is a difficult yet very rewarding career path for her and I honor all she does. I know each and every day, she makes a difference in someones life. How beautiful is that? Almost as beautiful as she is.

It's a great Monday, may you be blessed and enjoy it.


  1. Oh, I love the material in your dress and Molly's apron - and look at how long your hair is! Off to check out Molly's blog!

  2. I too love the quiet and solitude of a day at home by myself. I find myself wandering round the garden trying to see new sights. The chickens are happy to see me and give me such a sweet greeting...especially if I have a bot of food for them. Sitting out back by the dyke and watching the birds coming and going is my favourite past time!

  3. You look as young as Molly in that photo Miss Lassie....Great Picture!

    Hmmm, I wonder where Molly gets her brains and her beauty from?



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