July 7, 2010

My "BDD" or "Betty Draper Dress"

In three short weeks the 4rth season of Mad Men will start. I am a Mad Men Maniac and can't wait to see what happens this year. I saw this photo of Betty and Don Draper on another blog yesterday and realized that Betty was wearing a similar dress to the one I had been sewing all day. Yup!! So now I am going to call it my "BDD" or "Betty Draper Dress".
I am making the wiggle dress View 2 of Simplicity 4808. Sleeveless and in the shiniest light blue and silver embroidered satin you could imagine. It was part of the huge stash I got recently at a tag sale and the dress will probably be another $3.00 dress. Although I bet the actual cost is less than that. The fabric has been a real gem to work with. It holds a crease and does just what I want it to do. I was going to call it my "drama free dress" as it has caused me no problems to date but I like "BDD" better. I am going to leave the actual fabric a secret until I finish the dress. I sure hope it fits.

Off to sew....Do you watch Mad Men? Who is your favorite character and why?


  1. OMG! I love Mad Men. In my dreams, I look like Joan. I'm sure I look like Joan in my husband's dreams too, tee hee. I cannot wait to see this dress completed. Found your site via Sew Retro - love it!

  2. Miss Lassie,

    In order to better bond with you, I will begin to watch Mad Men. You will need to remind me when it starts as I am old and forget alot.


  3. Nice to meet you Dondi.The dress is almost done. I am hoping to post it on Friday..or Sat.

    Steph..you can't start watching it in the 4th season...it won't make sense. You need to...start at the very beginning...a very good place to start.

  4. Great looking dress pattern. Look forward to seeing your version. My dh and I are addicted to Mad Men! But we're late starters. Just ordered Season 3 on DVD for his birthday (OK, for me also!) and hope to use our new PVR to catch the beginning Season 3. I suppose I like Peggy. But, heck, I'd love to look like Joan!


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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