July 6, 2010

Hot Fun In The Summertime

It's a hot one here in the northeastern USA. A full fledged heatwave. I started out the morning getting my chores done before it gets too hot. TOO HOT. It was 80 degrees at 8:00am. Very unusual for where I live. I am willing a breeze to come through my open window as I write this.

I will spend the rest of the day before I go to work sewing a new dress. I have not spoken or written about this one. I got the inspiration yesterday and cut it out. I have sewn the bodice together already and as soon as I send this will be back at it. I may or may not finish it for tomorrow. Cross your fingers it goes well.

I am also hoping my groovy fabric for my MOD dress comes in the mail today so I can get the correct color chiffon to match. Speaking of the MOD dress. Have you voted for the shoes? Come on...I know more of you read this blog than have voted. I need your help....or else I may choose one myself.

What are you doing to beat the heat? Or maybe it's cold in you neck of the woods. Tell me what your favorite thing about summer heat is.

For the rest of the day it is all about this:

And this:


  1. I'll comment on my own here. It is almost too hot to sew. One stitch, drink some water, fan myself, another stitch, go stand in front of the fan, another stitch...ohh la la it is TOOOOO HHH.

  2. There is NOTHING that I like about summer heat, other than that it goes away... Although we have had a long cold damp summer here in Portland (Oregon) so far, and the high yesterday was only 67!, the forecast is for temperatures going up to the mid to high 90s by Thursday. I fear thermal shock from the sudden change. DO stay hydrated and sew sloooowly. When it is really hot I put a damp scarf around my neck, or wrapped around my head, so that the breeze from the fan really helps cool things off. (of course, only when I am at home)

  3. Thanks for the comment Alison. It has been very lonely here at Sassy Lassies lately. I like your blog. Can't wait to have more time to check it out.


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