July 3, 2010

What Are You Doing For the Fourth? Two posts in one day!

Thanks to my dear friend Stephanie (you need to get a blog going so I can link to you), I am spending it looking all over E-Bay and Etsy for SHOES!!!!!

I have never bought shoes without trying them on. This scares me to death. I guess I will have to admit in this open forum that I have FAT feet. My mother has AAA and I am somewhere "over the rainbow". Hubby AND my children call them "the pugs". How endearing!!! They are small and ewwwwwwww "fleshy". I so admire women with bony feet.

However Stephanie is right (once again). I need the perfect shoes to go with my outfit.

I feel like Stephanie has become the Marsha Brady of this website. Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie.

Notice the look on my face as she is talking!! I guess I have had too much or not enough of that drink!!!
 So this is what I have come up with so far.
Would LOVE these, but they are out of my price range.$74.99

These are a favorite! $28.00
"The Georgie" With Stacked Heal $15.00

As are these!!!! $23.00
Might Work! $28.00
Remember the fabric?

Gold With Ties $15.00

White With Bows.$16.00
Or do I go whole hog and wear these?$30.00

Not the sassiest but may fit "the pugs" the best. $12.50
More Gold....Gold With Buckle. $15.00

I need your  help!! Again!!And remember to take into account the price. I am on a budget...and there is still the shipping cost.

Which Shoes Shall I purchase to go with  the MOD 60's Dress
Gold With Rhinestone Swag $28.00
Pink With Pearl Buckle $23.00
Ivory With Little Bow $16.00
Gold 'Go-Go' Boots $30.00
Pink With Orange Flowers $28.00
Strappy 'Pug Fitting' Pink Sandles $12.50
"The Georgie" Perforated Wing Tip With Stacked Heal $15.00
Gold With Buckle $15.00
Gold With Tie $12.00

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  1. I will excuse you if the only photograph you had of me was this one with my big mouth w-i-d-e open!!! If you had one more flattering then....we'll discuss that at another time!!

    I did not mean to send you on a wild goose chase looking for shoes but you know that for all the effort you will be putting into making this dress the absolute sassiest that you can, you must realize that the shoes are like the icing on the cake....you realize that, don't you?! Just so you know, I have voted and I have voted (that means more than once). I have two favorites and I can tell you that I am not in favor of the ones that will fit "the pugs". Besides, I can't believe your feet are as fleshy as you make them out to be!!!


    P.S. After all is said and done, you will look groovy enough to put Marcia to shame!!

  2. The pink with the flowers or the shiny greenish boots!!!


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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