July 3, 2010

Wait Till You Hear What is Next!

With the 1940's gingham dress completed, I am going to tackle a completely new generation for my next outfit.

The idea came to me over the past few days, sorry to those that are anxiously awaiting Carmen Miranda, she will just have to wait, for Sassy Lassie goes MOD is the next on the list.

My girlfriend, OB, bought tickets for Beatlemania for the three of us. We are going to see them at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, Connecticut (How did Wikipedia miss putting Sassy Lassie as one of the notable town residents? Jeesh!!)  This is the hometown for all of us (population 1600) and Infinity Hall (the building) used to be our town grocery store when the three of us grew up. It has been transformed into an amazing, amazing music venue with a really fabulous restaurant. I have not asked Welzie and OB if they mind me "dressing up" for the occasion, but having known me for 45+ years I would guess it might not be too far fetched for me to do. They are pretty good at going with my crazy nature. Right girls?

I had this cute MOD dress pattern in my Etsy Store...been there for 4 months and no nibbles, so I deactivated it and will make view #2. The cute long sleeved yellow number.

I have already purchased 3 yards of this R. Kaufman "Flower Power" cotton and then I am going to overlay it with either pink or yellow chiffon and do the sleeves in just the chiffon. Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness
posted on chiffon yesterday and it put the idea in my mind. Not that it took much prompting, as chiffon is glorious in my mind.
 And to top the outfit off I will wear THESE gloves
And an outfit is not complete without the perfect hairstyle. Oh Gawd...I wish I could pull off THIS one:
or this
Will probably end up doing something like this:

Are you with me on this? Will all my sewing friends help me when I am up to my ears in a fabric (chiffon) I have never sewn with? Share some hints. I don't have a serger, is there anything I should know?

Off to find the biggest, thickest false eyelashes I can find!


  1. Love it!!!!! And of course, you will be ogling the Beatlemaniac who is subbing for Paul, right? You realize you will need the correct shoes, don't you? Start browsing eBay, etsy....for I can see a pair of pointy toed, t-strap Mary Janes with a kitten heel married to this dress. I'm so excited and I'm not even the one going!! All this Mod talk drives me Mad!!!


  2. ABsolutely perfect. The third hair style will be good too. You can make the scarf from the print fabric with a pink fringe. The puff sleeves were such a rage -- oh I remember some gorgeous full sleeves from the late 1960s. If not enough fabric for a full scarf, we often tied belt like scarves around our heads too - so about 2.5 to 3 inches wide and fringe on the ends.

    for chiffon - real silk if you can, will drape nicer than synthetic. Sew with tiny needle (size 9 or 10) and if you have a single stitch throat plate use that (keeps fabric from getting pushed down the wider opeining as happens on a zz plate), french seams.

    HTH, have fun sewing. Jane

  3. Hi, Miss Sassie,
    Chiffon is such a slippery critter! I find that starching makes it easier to work with. Also, cutting out the pattern with a rotary cutter and mat is easier and more accurate than using shears. Can't wait to see the pix!

  4. I've gone Mod this summer and am loving it. The dresses are so comfortable.

    As Jane said-- the single stitch throat plate will help (it has a single little hole instead of the open area of a zigzag plate). You probably knew that anyway. I also place the first 1/4 inch of a chiffon seam on tissue paper (the plain gift wrap kind or leftovers from pattern cutting). The paper helps the chiffon get started without jamming down in the throat plate. When done, pinch the seam and pull the tissue paper off. Use smaller stitches too.

  5. Honestly I don't know anything about sewing. Where do I find the single stitch throat plate? I don't know what a french seam is (will look it up). Thanks for the tips. You know when I actually get to sewing with chiffon, I will have a zillion more questions. What have I gotten myself into this time. :)

  6. I am soooo glad we have moved into the 60's generation for this birthday !!! The dress & material are FAB~ I would LOVE to see a nice pair of white "go go" boots with this dress !!
    Peace out ...

  7. How have I not heard of this Beatlesmania? My sister is THE biggest Beatles fan and we have been planning to make mod dresses in beatles fabric this summer.
    I'm very jealous!

  8. I think you live near. Maybe you could make a MOD dress and we could meet in them for dinner this fall when you are in Hartford.


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