July 25, 2010

"My Frocks" but not The Frocks

 I hope some of you took a look around the website The Frocks yesterday. How could one person have so many spectacular dresses in their collection? Big bucks! and who the heck do they know? Wow.

Today's post will show off "my frocks". Those lovely prom dresses I picked up at an estate sale recently. None of them have the splendor of those found at The Frock, but rather a unique innocence of the time is what is seen in these dresses. That, and how darn small some of these 50's gals were.

Before we get to that though, I need to get something off my chest.

Tonight is the much anticipated (for me) start of season 4 of Mad Men. Last night I heard from another rabid fan that they are premiering the show on Times Square an hour earlier than it will be seen on the network AND having a costume contest. All I can say is damn, darn, poop, and for crying out loud.

I live about 2 hours from the activities and may just have donned my "BDD" and joined the festivities, but not with just one days notice and a few hours of sleep (it was so darn  humid last night and I found out I might not be able to go to Beatlemania as planned and I just could not fall asleep and here it is before 8:00 in the morning and I am wide awake). How's that for a run on sentence?

In reality I will have to take a nap at some point just to make it through the show. I am usually exhausted on Sunday nights after working Friday and Saturday's in a restaurant. On the bright side, it appears the humidity has left the area and there is a nice cool breeze this morning. Thank goodness. It felt oppressive last night.

On to the dresses.

Yesterday afternoon I asked a young girl I work with, the smallest person I know, if she would don the prom dresses for a photo shoot so I could put them on eBay. Most of these were even too small for this size 2 girl, although we were able to photo the front of most of the dresses. No back views because they are not zipped. Ugh! How tiny these girls were...and I must say the chest size in these custom made dresses is not that small. Va va va vooooom little prom girls.

I will be putting these up on e-bay in the next few days. Pass the word to all the teeny, tiny prom dress loving gals out there.
The last two dresses are from the 60's as they both have plastic zippers.

Pretty Dress Details


  1. I love that last one!
    I have not yet finished season 3, which it runs out my boyfriend has had On-Demand ALL THIS TIME! We're on episode 7 or 8. The one where Sal gets fired :(
    So he's going to DVR the first episode for me and hopefully his brother won't erase it.

  2. Doesn't Miss Carissa look adorable in those prom dresses! Love them all.



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