July 18, 2010

Score...I Think

Yesterday I picked this up for $8.00 at a church fair (whatever Brian). I know it runs, but not how well. I plugged it in briefly before I paid for it and it sounded great. I worked last night and did not get home till midnight, so I have not had a chance to further test it. I did find info on how and where to oil it, although I don't have any sewing machine oil. The first thing on the agenda after writing this is to go check it out somemore.

It is a Singer 603E Touch and Sew. There was a case full of bobbins which came with it, but no extra feet or throat plates. It looks like there are plenty of those on e-bay for the future. From a quick look-upon the web, this is one of the last models to be all metal. I'll tell you it FEELS all metal. It weighs a ton, or at least it feels like it weighs a ton. It came with the carrying case, although the handle has lost its cushy covering and is a bare, rusted piece of metal. Ouch when carrying this.
I know NOTHING about caring for a machine like this but have been inspired by so many of you that oil and care for old machines and get them up and running again. I guess I always knew this would be another step I would take with my new found sewing passion. I am pretty mechanically minded so I will give it a try.

If I can get this threaded and the bobbin in and all of that, I may give a go of this for sewing the MOD dress. This machine is from the 1960's so that would be apropos.

That's it for today, I will check in with you again tomorrow.


  1. Those old Touch and Sews were pretty good machines. Give it a good cleaning, especially the bobbin area. Oil it and then sit back and push the petal and let it run for a bit (unthreaded) to get the oil worked in good. Some of the T&S machines could do a chainstitch which some find handy --especially if you make muslins.

    Looks like a good deal for $8!

  2. Susan I may come to you with some questions, thanks for commenting. I know you are the expert. Need to get some oil.

  3. Congratulations. Have fun. I've found this website helpful to get free downloads of Singer manuals:


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