July 15, 2010

Smart Ads....or ...can I transpose myself into these photos?

This is a November 1959 Ad from LIFE magazine.
And you thought Mad Men was not real?

How about these car ads?

This is a family photo and has a hint of a beloved Buick that was my grandparents.My older sister Karen is in the foreground in the radical striped dress. Then Grandpa B., Mom, Grandma B.(do I see a hint of a purple rinse in her hair?), don't know this women, and that is me in the pink at about 4 years old. This car had a second life when it was given to my sister Karen when she learned to drive. By then it was rather dated and we children hated being seen in it. It was massive and had a very particular smell. I don't recall what the demise of this beauty was. Just one drive in this car today would fill me with such joy. Why don't we appreciate these things. Isn't there a saying about beauty being lost on the young?
This ad takes the cake. I want a 1960 Lincoln.

My father had a powder blue Lincoln in the 60's. It was gorgeous. My dad loves "nice" cars and always drove a real beauty and kept it immaculate.

She is having WAYYYYYY too much fun. 
Could you imagine an ad for "playing cards" in a magazine today?
I don't think so.
Did you have a milk man? I did. His name was Mr. Bruey.

Love and hugs,


  1. It's funny how you brought up the idea of transposing yourself into the ad. I was thinking about how Gumby (you do remember Gumby) used to just kind of slide/melt himself into a book and then he'd be part of the story--I want to be able to do that! And yes, we had a milkman but I do not remember his name although, the name of the dairy was Orbacher's. We also had Doogin's Donuts come to the house as well as a bread man and Charle's Chips (potato chips, pretzles, etc.), which we bought in those giant tins!


  2. Thanks for sharing these scans, they are great.

    I'd love to ride in the Town Car of years past, even better would be a convertible...

    I grew up on a farm so I can honestly say the milkman was my father:)

  3. Sigh......

    I long for the days when drinking and smoking were encouraged.

    Don't think I would have enjoyed the institutionalized racism, though.

    Can't have the lightening wothout the thunder.....


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