July 14, 2010

Glittery Comeback for Chokers

So yesterday I totally did NOT have my groove on. Nope, Nil, Nyet or here is a list of the word NO in every language (or there about). I think my brain did an overload with all the new vintage magazines, dresses and other assorted findings. A day of pulling back always helps, as does a rainy day, which it is doing here. I have not started cutting the MOD dress out, but it is the ONE thing I want to accomplish today. Sometimes when I am scared of a project I procrastinate. I know the best thing to do is just jump right in feet first and that is what I plan to do. I know this project is on my mind because I woke up yesterday morning and realized I was putting the dress together in my dream. Hopefully I worked out all the details in the dream and I will be able to sew it up in a flash. I am going to be changing it considerably (in my estimation) from the actual pattern, so wish me luck.

Last week I purchased two of these marvelous collars along with the prom dresses (speaking of prom dresses, I can't believe no one commented on that pretty purple thang. Didn't you think it was spectacular? Or am I off my rocker.)

They are Labeled 'Hand Made', 'Top Hit' fashion, Baar & Beards Inc. and 'Japan' on the inside.
I think it is beautiful and I hope to incorporate it into the collar of the MOD dress. The lady at the estate sale said they used to put these on in the 1950's and 60's to "dress up a sweater".

I wish I had the ability to airbrush the wrinkles out of my neck. When I am blogging and feeling 16, like I am in my mind many days, all I have to do is look at that neck and realize I am 50+.

So I took this photo yesterday and in the afternoon as I was heading out to go to work I realized I still had it on. I work right near Stephanie's store Petpourri and thought I would stop in and show it to her. When I walked in and started telling her about it she nonchalantly  said, "Don't you remember? You showed it to me the other day". Ugh! I hate it when I do that!! We both got a good giggle out of that. I told you I have been on brain overload!!!

I had a minute before I needed to head off to work and Stephanie waved me into her office to show me a stack of LIFE magazines she brought in to thumb through in her down time (which she never really got yesterday). She pulled a specific one out and said, "Weren't you born in 1959? Would you like to take this home and look through it?" I was feeling shy and timid about having this gem in my possession and told her repeatedly NO

That is until I looked at the cover story and the photo:  
Glittery Comeback for Chokers
 And there I was sporting my own 1950's choker. 

Both Stephanie and I thought this was kind of weird. I mean I had completely forgotten that I had already shown this piece to her and she on a whim brought in these magazines and then I on a whim stopped in her store. I have not read the magazine yet, that is next (before I cut out the dress and procrastinate a little more) on the list.

What do you procrastinate about? And please tell me how special you think this choker is.



  1. ......and speaking of procrastinating, here it is, my day off, I have tons to do and what am I actually doing? Reading your blog and, well, procrastinating! I really do think we were seperated at birth or something:)


  2. The choker and the purple dress are both fantastic.
    I don't really procrastinate so much as "take breaks". I pretty much take at least a day off between sewing steps. Otherwise I rush and ruin my project.

  3. It's a good sign when your dreaming of the dress, it means your ready for business! Best of luck!

    As a reforming project thinker, procrastination and I are hand in hand but I'm working on changing that. I used to think it was fear that held me back, but once I realized it was the perfectionism, I was able to figure out how to fix it. When I sew, I feel I must work it all out in my head beforehand and that leads me down the perfectionist, procrastination path. Once I do start sewing, the tunnel vision takes over and nothing else exists. It's hard changing the way I sew, but slowly with my timer I will get the hang of it.


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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