July 13, 2010

February 1975-Beatles and Clyde

I have had a lot of fun in the past few days looking at the 1970's magazines. And although I adore the look I am planning on creating for the 70's party, below are a few looks you will NOT see on me. But go ahead and create them for yourselves if you would like.
 It looks like they are having fun!!!

The magazine which attracted me to the bin of *FREE* was this one.
Can you guess why?
First off I am a huge Beatles fan. Although not quite old enough to have experienced them in the 60's, I fell deeply in love with them in or around 1969. I was 10 years old. I clearly remember going to pick up the mail one afternoon and there was LIFE magazine with Paul and Linda on the front. It made me swoon. I still have it somewhere.
The amazing thing about the New York Times Magazine is that it speaks of the ages of the Beatles at the time of print and states that Ringo will turn 35 on July 7th. And now he has just turned 70. WOW!!! and I am still back in 1975. I like it like that.
Although I was thrilled to collect this magazine and add it to my collection, it was made even more precious by another article within.
Hubby is/was a HUGE fan of Walt Frazier aka "Clyde". As to the Beatles was I, to Walt Frazier was he. He was such a fan that his friends called him Clyde and he wanted more than anything to be black and tall. Hubby is only 5'7" tall. He is still a Knicks fan.
This man had 70's style. He wreaked of the 70's. The mirror above his bed says "Clyde". Look at the silhouette of him in those bell bottoms and vest. Wow!

In the article it talks a lot about the money he made. His salary as the #1 player of the New York Knicks was $300,000. He bought a white mink coat for $10,000 and a Rolls Royce for $20,000. His co-op apartment on the 45 floor of the Excelsior was, gasp, $130,000. I tried finding out what one of these apartments would go for today, but could not get any information.

Who are your favorite celebrities from the past that you swooned over as a youngster? Do you still? 

I went and saw Paul McCartney a few times over the past 15 years and I must admit, in the midst of it I was like a teenager once again.


  1. Sassy Lassie, do you mean to say that we won't be treated to a photo of you and "Clyde" wearing matching Hawaiian loungewear? Awww, shucks!

    But, speaking of Beatles, can't you just envision me and you sitting in the front seat of that convertible they're riding in--just a wavin' and a smilin' right along with them? Of course, I'd have to sit in front of George because George is my favorite and you could glimpse back at Paul every now and then and bat your false eyelashes at him! Wouldn't that be dreamy?!!!

    Ya know, as a kid, David Cassidy sent me to the moon and back---just soooo darn cute! Then as a teen, Peter Frampton stole my heart---baby, I just loved his way!!

    Tee Hee!!

  2. Oh I have a big collection of vintage magazines that I'm planning on scanning. I've done one so far which I believe to be an accomplishment :)


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