July 12, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

So much to share today. I am wondering if I should spread all the goodies out for a couple of days. Thinking I might.

1) I have the fabric for the MOD dress in the wash as I write this. I plan on ironing it and cutting the dress out later today. Wish me luck on the chiffon. I am also going to read more about french seams. I was ironing one of the "prom dresses" yesterday and realized there was chiffon with a french seam in it. Was quite impressed with myself as 2 weeks ago I would not have known one seam from another.

Okay speaking of prom dresses, hubby had to go out yesterday morning so that gave me a few hours to "sneak" them into the house, look and inspect them and try ironing a few. It also gave me a chance to see if any of them would fit. I believe most of them have a 24-25 inch waist. I put the most "promy" dress on and it was too, too small in the waist. Put a foundation garment on and it was still too small, but somehow I managed to suck in at just the right moment and the zipper went up. Keeps a girl standing tall and straight when you can't breathe.

I put a camera on a stack of towel (tripod is on the list for things to get) and did a quick self-timer and...it's pretty spectacular eh?
This pose is similar to this one. I guess this is the look I get and stance I take when I can't breathe.
2) Thanks for all the comments on the 70's palazzo extravaganza. I think I am going to use fabric #4 as it is the least busy (I am a small person and don't want to be eaten up with a print). The scandalous (a reader called the outfit this word and I LOVED IT) nature in me also wants to position the taupe shapes smack dab on the boobies for added 70's scandal.
The fabric is also very 70's in its color scheme as noted by the following ads I photographed from some the the 70's magazines.
And speaking of scandalous. I was, wasn't I? Look at this American Home magazine cover...(clears throat) Right? What were they doing in the American Home in 1976? I love how her fingers are touching the lip of the glass. And notice the "colors". Remind you of anything mentioned above?
3) I went to my sisters house yesterday afternoon to have a visit with my sister-in-law who was visiting from Japan.
Here is a favorite photo of Marie, Tim (my brother) and their famous cat Romeo.
My brother is an extraordinary photographer, truly gifted, (he is gifted in a lot of things). Here is another photo of him at my 50th last year serenading me with a song on his trumpet.
Going off to our first day of Catholic school. I cried every day after this. I hated that school. 
But I DO look pretty sassy in that uniform if I do say so myself.
At my birthday party once again.

Tim's wife, Marie, is also talented. She painted the dish below for my birthday last year as a present. 
It sits on my desk and I look at it EVERY day. Marie was in the states to present at the ConnectiCon Convention. She has a Ph.D. in Japanese Pop Culture and It's Influence on America Culture...or something like that. She told me all about the concept of Kawaii which I had never heard about and may become a new passion, especially in relation to clothing. Here is a link to Kawaii fabric

I also love this link. I still have at least one of my kids Popples stowed away somewhere.

Marie was excited to give me the brand new camera that my brother bought for me. It is a Fuji film and does the most outstanding things. It is touchscreen which is SO new to me and I love it. I have only played around with it for a bit this morning, but the more I play around the more excited I get. I have thanked him and thanked him and here is ONE MORE BIG  
Thank You!!!

So remember, every photo you see on this blog moving forward is thanks to my brother Tim.

Till tomorrow...........

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