July 11, 2010

Clearly I Have A Problem

Some crazy person has taken over Sassy Lassie and won't be stopped. She's flippin and floppin all over the place from this decade to that decade and now onto yet another and not giving Lassie a break. More outfits, more decades. More. More. More. That's all that is on her mind. Send in the vintage police, send in the psych unit. Somebody do something before there is REAL trouble. Someone forbid her from going to anymore estate/tag sales where she gets crazy inspiration to do something crazier.

I haven't even cut out the fabric for the MOD dress and already my mind is onto something new. I told you I have ADD (Attention to Delightful Distractions). At the estate sale the other day there was a whole bin of magazines with the word FREE on them. FREE? Always trouble for me, so I had to, of course I HAD TO, take a look. 99% of them were from a decade I well remember (this is a first) the 70's. I forgot how damn wonderfully horrible some of the 70's things were.

One of the girls of prom dress fame, maybe the NYC model now that I think about it, subscribed to "Apartment Life" and this is the cover for May 1975.
I saw this outfit and that was ALL I needed to get me going on another sewing jag. I WILL make this outfit and I WILL get my boobies to do this. I WILL have gold chains. I WILL have it all and no one can stop me.

I have already purchased the pattern. I looked high and low for the perfect pattern in MY size. This was not easy, but I believe I have come close. I am going to make it extra tight in the bodice and really dip the neckline. And huge palazzo pants!!

I am going to use a body hugging fabric. Cotton-Lycra mix and and my first foray into the wonderful world of knits.

Which one?...which one?

I have EVEN convinced my friend Brian to host a 70's party this fall. Fondue ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

I wonder if I can convince hubby to wear tight pants and a turtleneck. He already sports a mustache and beard...oh oh oh...I could get him to do long sideburns for one night. This might just push him over the proverbial edge.

 Oh Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think you could get you know who to rock something like this?
I have hardly touched the inspiration that exudes from the pile of over 40 magazines. Is there a 12 step program for sewing vintage?


  1. LOL this is too too funny... i vote for patterns two or four... though i really like three... :)

  2. Sorry, but there is no 12-step program for what you have. There is no cure. I think it's too late for you.

    You have brought back memories. I remember that fondue was a big thing. I had to have a fondue pot.

    I love the polazzo pants.

    Well I can't wait to see how this turns out.


  3. THAT sounds like so much fun! I love the pants and all of the fabric you're considering! Men with sideburns and long hair? Wish I were on the guest list! :)

  4. I think I am going to choose fabric #4. I like the vertical lines of it for a lengthening effect on this "short one". I also think I could place the taupe bubbles shapes in perfect placement on the boobies for added 70's snark.

  5. Go Sassy Lassie! Everyone needs a good does of 70s now and then, right? Right?
    You make me laugh so much! You're going to share more of those magazines, I hope.

  6. I like the second swatch. I have a dress quite similar to the garment in the photo; it's peach with silver threads. (I call it my Martini & Rossi dress.)

    Don't palazzo pants just say "hostess?"

  7. Lassie,
    I'm kind of diggin' the brown, multi-colored floral pattern but any of them would satisfy the truly invested 1970's fashionista. The palazzo pants are a gas! I spoke with Brian today and said, "So, Miss Lassie posted on her blog that you're having a '70's party". And his response was (as he laughed), "She said I agreed to that?!!!!"!! I immediately said that I would be in charge of the music because if there's one thing this chick is good at, it's the '70's--music, fashion, fads--you name it. As for you know who, he told me to tell you that he could "rock" that outfit better than the two guys who were modeling it! My friend Laura, who was up for a visit this weekend, saw your blog and now wants to come as Marica Brady. Ya know, I'm thinking that we should probably do a decade theme party once a year or so---don't cha think? I'm planning my outfit right now and as for you, start sewing!!!


  8. Wow - that dress on the magazine cover is scandalous! But awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with the pattern.


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