August 28, 2010

Lady Grey Sew Along

I have been away from the sewing machine for a few weeks now and feel like I need to step back at it before I forget how to sew. This will be a great way to get back in the game, sewing along with Gertie and the Lady Grey Sew Along.
Although the sew along is featuring the Colette Lady Grey Coat Pattern, I received this gorgeous vintage 1969, Simplicity 8412 Pattern from Vintage Core Patterns and think it will work fantastico as a replacement.

I will be using this lovely wool herringbone clothe, which I acquired for around $1.00(sorry for the blur)
And lining it with this lovely pumpkin lining fabric (50 cents)
It will go perfect with the snood I made last winter. Although the era may be ALL wrong.
Oh dear me, look what I found while searching for a knitting pattern for a 1960's knitted cap.
How will I EVER get anything done when there are all of these patterns to look through and possibly repeat?


  1. I look forward to watching your progress.


  2. Love the pattern and the material - looking forward to seeing the photos when it's done!

  3. I love that pattern, I think I actually like it more than the Lady Grey.

  4. That pattern is very nice!! I really would like to see the progress, I want to enter to the sew along too but I don't have the pattern either, I have a modern one, perhaps I'll use that.


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