August 27, 2010

Mementoes for Mr. Rooney, Now are Our Mementoes

A small part of the fun in our new home is going through things that were left behind. Well they were not exactly left behind because I do believe they (real estate transactions) do not allow that. We bought the contents. Anyway, it has been fun to look through some of the interesting things that were in the house.

We found this plate hidden high on a shelf. Fun!
And I just love old ashtrays (hate what they were made for). 
Blogger will not upload this properly. So sorry it is sideways. 
It seems to loose some of its kitschy beauty when it is sideways.
Heading off to the house to take some more photos. I found some wonderful newspaper clippings of poems in an old book the other day. Can't wait to share them.

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