September 13, 2010

It's Laundry Day

It seems the previous owner really cared about his laundry. 
These were in the house.
 Notice "American Made"

The date on these clothespins say 1967. Don't you love her hair?
 And this was in the cellar next to the new model of washer and dryer.
A Kenmore Visa-Matic
 It rolls around on wheels.
I could not find much at all about it on the web.
It may be from the early 60's

Hubby almost bought the contents of the house JUST so he could own this wonderful laundry basket.

We plan on using it for towels in the bathroom.
And no laundry day is complete without the close-line.


  1. Oh I love the lady on the Laundry Guide! She looks so... clean. :) Monique xx

  2. Hey! We used to have one of those t-bar laundry lines. It made me think of the cross when I was a little kid. I wish we still had it :(
    By the way, would you want to do a blogger meet-up and go see this? (Exhibit on Arnold Scaasi - to die for!)

  3. I would LOVE to is kind of crazy right now, we can plan ahead.

  4. No house is complete until it has its clothesline. You have it made!

  5. We had a washing machine like that! My mom used to take the top off and sled down the hill in our backyard with me in her lap. Wow! That was a hundred years ago!


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