September 2, 2010

Salt and Pepper and House Update

Morning all, sorry for so few posts lately. I have been very scattered with my time and have not felt all that cohesive in my vintage musings. 

Here are a couple more of Mr. Rooney's belongings that I just love. There were three sets of salt and peppers shakers in the house. Here are my two favorites. Look at the interesting cutouts on the pepper shaker so larger grain pepper can pass through.

 Blogger keeps turning these around and I can't fix it. 
But you get the idea.
These are made of heavy plastic. Love the torpedo shape.
I took a gander over on ebay at their vintage salt and pepper shakers and there are  194 pages of them. There is every conceivable kitschy idea and hours could be spent looking at them. I don't really go for the kitschy ones, but these caught my eye. Something about them I like.

Another blog I follow, Golden Country Girls, has a post today about Morton's salt, so I thought I would link you to it for another great vintage read.

Many people have been inquiring as to how the house is coming along so I thought I would update you.

Hubby has been diligently going to the new house each day and doing some work, most of it is under his expertise and not something I can help with, so I have been home twiddling my thumbs (not really). I have had my decorating and researching hat on and trying to figure out how we want to put this house together. Paint colors seem to be the next big decision and we may go pick out some today.

I know the 40's used bright primary colors for much of their color schemes, but these do not ring true and peaceful for me. Sure I love red, blue, yellow and green, put in their subtle hues rather than straight on.

The white oak furniture that came with the house has lots of golden hues to it, so I am thinking of shades in the pale yellow-gold or soft green tones may look great. I also have to figure out how to remove the wallpaper from the walls of the hallways without destroying the wallboard underneath. Anyone out there ever deal with "beaver board"? The downstairs AND upstairs hallways are covered in this eagle wallpaper. It is a bit too much for me to live with. If we remove it, the board underneath probably has other layers of wallpaper on it. This is what we have found in other rooms of the house. We don't want to replace every wall in the house so I am looking to see how to take the paper off and then have a wall nice enough to paint. Any opinions would be helpful. It can't be sprayed with lots of liquid or it will just break apart so steaming it off or using some chemical remover are out of the question. I have searched the internet high and wide for information on doing this but nary a single helpful hint can I find. Maybe a helpful hardware store salesman will know what to do.
Refinishing the floors will come sometime this fall. This linoleum just does not cut it for an entrance way into the house. Good in the stormy, snowy weather, but I look forward to seeing the lovely wood peaking out from beneath a nice Persian rug.


  1. What is the wall paper like? Is it papery in nature or more slick like vinyl? I mentioned before that husband is a construction contractor. He is a professional drywall/taper. When he gets home I will pick his brain. Is that picture looking down the hallway into the pantry? because I see my curtains again!
    Amy F.

  2. You are so darn adorable Miss Amy. Yes, there are your curtains again. It is looking down the hallway into the pantry. The kitchen is to the right and stairs to the cellar to the left. The paper is thick and kind of vinyl. My hubby is a construction contractor too, but he knows nothing about wallpaper. Thanks for any info. I asked at Home Depot today and they did not have any new info on how to do it. Hubby is thinking he will just put all new walls in. But that means I have to live with the eagles for a bit. Oh well, it could be much worse.

  3. I wonder if covering the existing wallpaper with a textured paintable wallpaper and then painting it would be a more viable solution than attempting to strip the wallpaper off of a surface that has a high potential for damage by traditional/typical wallpaper removal methods?

    I found some examples here:

  4. I discussed your problem with my husband. He has drywalled(mudded and taped) over paneling and other such uglies before but he said it would not work with wall paper. He wondered if you could just put sheetrock over the walls and screwing into the studs under the beaver board and then I thought"are there studs under the beaver board?" He looked at the picture on your post and said that the trim would have to come down and then be put back up again in order for it to look right with new sheet rock. Finally, he said "Maybe she could just keep the wallpaper?". I laughed. I am sure your husband, being a contractor, has considered all these things. I wonder if Denise's idea of putting a paintable wall paper over it would work?
    Sorry, wish I could have come back with a cracker jack of a solution for you.
    Amy F.

  5. The bottom line is the walls are going to have to come down. It is just how long can I live with "the eagles". Hubby has been working his darn butt off and totally re-done two more. I guess we just need to take it one room at a time. Beaver board must come down and be replaced with sheet rock. is a hell of a lot of work.


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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