October 2, 2010

Update and New Dog (sort of)

We are almost into the new house. Just a couple of more days of cleaning and gathering the odds and ends in our old home and we will be ready to start making the new house into our home. We have felt the loss of Nicky deeply. He was an amazing animal that gave nothing but love to us. He was smart and loved to make a groaning noise when he was happy. He slept with his head tucked into his paw like a pillow and as I said in the earlier post he loved to ride in the car.

So it is with great pleasure and providence that my son was awarded the  position as a canine officer this week and given a beautiful German Shepard as his partner. They start the 'State Police Canine Training Course' this coming week and will be in training for the next 14 weeks.


We welcome Chase into our family and know Nicky will be watching over both of them.


  1. That's amazing! I'd love to hear more about life with a police dog as the training goes on. What a beautiful pup!

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope the new police doggy will help ease the grief a bit.

  2. I'm so happy for you all and what a beautiful puppy Chase is. I had a German Shepard (Rommel,that was his registered name we didn't name him that) for a long time and when he died my grandfather who he bonded with just layed down on top of him and wept. I've never seen a black German Shepard before he is Stunning! Surely Nicky had a sit down with God and sent you a companion.
    ~Heart and Every Good Blessing~
    Elise x
    Postscript: You must be so very proud of you beautiful son.

  3. I was so sorry to read about your losing your beautiful Nicky. But how wonderful for your son and his new companion! It is providence...

    Your son is a very handsome young man, by the way. You must be very proud of him. (Oh, I just noticed Elise said the same thing! Well, I'm not taking back my words. :)

  4. We are so very thrilled to have this new addition to the family. My son lives with his fiancee, two Cocker Spaniels and now Chase. He and his fiancee both loves animals and this is going to be just perfect for them.

    p.s. He just got engaged a month ago today, so there are many wonderful happenings in his life...and he deserves all good...he has been through a lot in his 26 years.


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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