October 4, 2010

Yeah...We did it!!! We are HOME at last!

It has been a hectic, stressful and very tiring few weeks. Hubby deserves great applause and thanks as he did 75% of the work to get us into this house with any semblance of a life. I won't go into all he did, but it was Herculean. I can't wait to see him laugh like this again...he has been all business and amazing.
During these weeks, I have thought of, and discovered so many things I want to blog about, but had no time. I hope I can remember them all. In moving I ran across many old memories and things I had forgotten about. You know how certain things get stashed away and forgotten.

In our house for the past 6 years was an old clothing trunk. It was in a corner when we moved there with a TV on top and we went right ahead and put our TV on top of it and never once in all the years looked inside until yesterday. It wasn't ounces of gold or anything inside, but the top was filled with letters to a certain person most dating from 1949 and 1950. We can't wait to read some of them and I will share soon on here.

Still not much time for blogging...in the middle of a big transformation and my daughter Miss Moll Doll is coming home today to live for awhile, so you may get to meet more of her very soon. She is one special lady.


  1. It's All Good ...So very happy for you all!


  2. Enjoy your time of transitioning and making yourselves truly at home. Peace.

  3. I am very jealous of your new-old house! How wonderful. I know all that hard work will definitely pay off for you two. :D Blessings on your new home!

  4. Congratulations! We hope to buy a home in the next year or so (whenever we finally decide where we want to live!) and I am sure it will be an older, traditional home. Hopefully a fixer upper (I'm into historic preservation as well as sewing!). I imagine I will likely be going through the same pains (and pleasures!) as you soon enough.

  5. Congratulations! Beatlemania used the same theatre as the company I was working for this past weekend in Hartford and so I thought of you!

  6. Hi Sassy Lassie:

    We wanted to let your readers know of my new book with a stunning cover photo of beautiful Shirley Booth from 1944 (GO TO shirleybooth.blogspot.com). This photo and others have been generously shared for my readers by Shirley's niece Leslie.

    My daily blog is still at http://shirleybooth.info.

    We are still trying to get all seasons of HAZEL on DVD. Your readers should write to SHOUT FACTORY since we have the best chance of them being released since SONY does not have any plans.

    We both vote for the beautiful HALTER DRESS.

    Jim and Donna

  7. Very happy for you in your beautiful new home! Don't feel guilty about not blogging for a while. Just enjoy!
    - Susan


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