November 3, 2010

Can I Teach Sewing? Mrs. Pitt Where Are You?

Sewing again? Maybe.

Miss Moll Doll has wanted to learn to sew and what better time to teach her than while she is on hiatus from work for a few weeks. When she was very little I sewed, but during her childhood I had stopped and so she never learned.

She is very crafty, artistic and could be a VERY capable sewer if taught. I hardly know anything about sewing myself, but I certainly can give her the basics. What I learned, I learned in Home Economics. But alas, there was no such class by the time Molly was in high school in the late 80's.  Home EC is  where I learned the fundamentals of cooking and sewing.

And this is where I am going to digress from my post and get on my 'bandwagon'. The dumbing down of America started when we decided the fundamentals of living could be 'outsourced' and 'packaged'. Our clothes are almost all made overseas and there is more packaged, ready to eat food, than fresh, local food, in our stores.

Can most of our young people or even people of my generation take ingredients and prepare a meal from scratch? Can they sew a garment?  Thread a needle or sew a simple hem by hand? Doubtful. Instead their time was spent in front of the TV with a Stouffers meal and a joystick in their hand. I guess it made them ready to text ALL THE TIME. Use a cell phone ALL THE TIME...and go to the mall shopping for more clothes they do not need, made in China.

Before you go crazy and tell me this is not your child. I get it. If you are reading this blog, you are most likely a person who would teach a child to boil water and not let them live their life in front of the TV. It is not this new generations fault that they have not been taught simple skills for living. It is our fault. We shunned it. Technology lured us in.

I am joyful when I hear of a young person who sews or knits or cooks. A girl who can wield a hammer, nail and level or a boy who knows his way around a sewing machine. What this generation HAS given us is less of a defined gender line as to what is acceptable for a "boy" or "girl". I love that. Good job on that count.

Off my bandwagon.

So today I will help to teach some sewing. Have you ever taught someone to sew? Who taught you?

Molly has chosen a double breasted vest as her first project (she thinks I am going to sew it). Is it me or is that model on the package looking very much like Marlo Thomas. I know Marlo had a line called "Marlo's Corner" but this does not specify that. Here are patterns from her line. Am I right? Doesn't the model look the same?

We made a trip to JoAnn's the other day and picked out this fabric. We are going to do the front and collar with the brown herringbone and the gray and magenta polka dot for the back. She hopes to have a funky, yet classic look.
Wish us luck. I have not sewn in so long, I feel like a beginner myself. Do you have any hints that I should highlight for her? What is the most important thing to teach with sewing? 

Channeling Mrs. Pitt, my Home Ec teacher.

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  1. Don't worry, we'll do something together sometime. I still think that Scaasi exhibit would be very appropriate. I taught my sister to sew...I think as long as the person is willing and is already a hands-on type they'll easily pick it up. I actually learned to sew in Home-Ec! But right after that they got rid of the sewing class at the high school :(
    You're right the model does look the same! Maybe they'd stopped the line but were still trying to hook people? I love the Marlo's Corner patterns, I wish they'd made more of them.


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