November 9, 2010

Dear Nora-I Remember Nothing

"I Remember Nothing"
Dear Nora,

I wish you could read this in real time as I know it would make you  smile.

Recently I listened to your book “ I Feel Bad About My Neck”. I loved hearing the stories and listening to your voice. It made me smile many times during a rather stressful time in my life.

In the book you spoke of reading “ The Women in White” (that's probably not even the name of the book, I can't remember, and I am not going downstairs to check), so I ordered it (my local library did not have it) from another library.

4-5 weeks went by and I received a phone call from the library saying 'my book is in'. I hardly remembered even ordering it and had no idea WHAT book it was.

I went to the library and picked up the book. Ah yes THAT book. I could not remember who had told me this book was good. I put my thinking cap on and eventually it came to me. Ah the author who wrote the book about her neck.

My daughter was in the car and I tried in vain to remember your name. I could not. I could not remember what you wrote, although I new it was screenplays. My daughter is a writer and I thought if I gave her enough info she might come up with your name. Not enough info. No name.

It is November 9th at 9:01 am. It is the next day. The book is sitting on my kitchen table. You have just been on the Today Show. Now I remember. Nora Ephron. Nora Ephron. Nora Ephron.

I keep saying your name in hopes that the next time I need to come up with it I might. Don't count on it. I Remember Nothing.

I am only bad will it get? Dear God!!!

Sincerely and Smiling,

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  1. It's the dreaded CRS disease (can't remember sh*t). Oh well, I just look forward to all the mysteries I'll be re-reading for the first time. ;-P


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