November 1, 2010

Halloween Trendsetter

Sometimes I just know a trend at the precipice of when the trend becomes a 'trend'. What can I say, I am a trend-setter. That's what occurred to me as I thumbed through the September Issue of Vogue last night.

I bought the magazine in September and found so many things I wanted to blog about, things I can't even remember now since it has been so long. But then the whole, move in two weeks happened and I have not picked up the 800 page beauty since sometime in early September, that is until last night...and not before I wore THIS as my Halloween costume yesterday. Notice my scarf/turban.
This is Vogue 1940
 These are from the Vogue September Issue 2010
Yup, trendsetter.
Or errr, Kitchen Witch.

Miss Moll Doll is a Kitchen Wench.
Her trend is a doily on her head.

I know Vogue will be eavesdropping on this blog so expect doilies to be the next BIG trend.


  1. Very funny! You both look adorable.
    Is Moll Doll your sister? You certainly look alike...

  2. I look that way every morning when I get out of the shower! Are saying that I shouldn't bother drying my hair and just go out with my towel wrapped around my head?

    Miss you!

  3. Miss Moll Doll is my daughter...and yes we look alike.


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