December 10, 2010

From My Kitchen to Yours

There have been years where Sassy Lassie has gone all out for Christmas, but it does not happen every year by any means. Big shopping and gift giving have never been part of our Christmas. More of my time is spent baking and making a fantastic Christmas dinner for the whole family which sometimes is 30 or more people.

This year is going to be very low key..but I can't help wanting to cook all sorts of yummy things this time of year and so yesterday I took my day off and did some baking.

I realized yesterday that I love, love, love the kitchen and ambiance of our new home. By most peoples measure, our kitchen would be sadly missing lots, but for me, it has everything I could ever want or need. It is warm, filled with sunshine and easy to get around.
It has a small wooden kitchen table ( I have never had a kitchen table) and I love it. I put a vintage cotton Christmas cloth on it which I purchased from an e-bay seller for $4.99. I adore the vintage images, especially the Christmas tree.
....and to protect it during hours of baking I put a plastic Christmas themed tablecloth over it. It was so easy to clean up yesterday with that silly plastic tablecloth wiping off like a dream. And look at the sunshine!!!
This is my HUGE 'Ball Jar' filled with organic sugar.
 I put 5 pounds of flour into a vintage Pyrex bowl which
made it easier than ever to get lots done.
One of my standard holiday treats is homemade Cinnamon Swirl bread.
This batch made 6 loaves. Here is the lovely dough after its rising.
\Next were Sugar Cookies in mitten, angel, snowflake and tree shapes.
Decorating will come tomorrow for these.
 This cookie is called a Poppy Seed 'Sand Dollar'. Really yummy with a cup of tea.
 And the day ended with this image out my kitchen window. 
Sunset with a small moon.


  1. Your kitchen is adorable, and that tablecloth looks vaguely familiar - maybe my Gran had one like it! I'm making sugar cookies tomorrow, I just love cookie cutters, but don't have a snowflake one (yet!).

  2. What a pretty kitchen! The cinnamon swirl thing sounds amazing - can you share the recipe?

  3. Yummmy! Save some of those cookies for me!


  4. Would you consider sharing your recipe for the poppy seed sand dollars ? I wish I had you for a Mom when I was a little girl it must be so wonderful ! But stepping into your blog brings up so many lovely thoughts,and beautiful memories. Even the tablecloths! I thank you so much,really. It's like a great book , you can almost smell all the mixtures of breads, cookies, pies...and love. You are very special.
    With Love Friend,
    Elise x
    Hope all is well with you and yours. Wishing you the best of Holidays.


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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