December 8, 2010

The Bundle Book

I have ALWAYS loved to read. Many of my favorite childhood memories are those times just spent alone with a great book. I can't remember whether is was Scholastic Books or Weekly Reader, but we used to be able to buy books at school maybe once a month. We would get an order form and I can clearly remember wanting to check almost all of them. I think I would get over 5 each time...and I still have some of them.

One of my favorites from childhood was a book called "The Bundle Book". I kept it and was able to read it to my children when they were little. It was written by Ruth Krauss and is no longer in print under that name but has been renamed "You're Just What I Need". It is about a mother seeing a "bundle" under the covers and pretending she does not know what it is. She guesses all kinds of things to the delight of the little boy who is under the covers and 'the bundle'.

This morning on my way down the stairs I saw a "bundle" and was reminded of the book. My bundle, unlike the book, is not a child, but my kitty Angel. Since she was a kitten she has always loved taking her naps under covers.
This is her entry in.
And here she is looking not too happy with me peeking in and taking a photo.
Do any of your animals have quirky things they do?

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  1. I found "You're just what I need" through our library. My daughter is 5 and we're having a lot of fun with it. "You're just what I need," we keep saying to each other!!


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