December 7, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Although there is still much to do here since the move, I have enjoyed making a bit of Christmas around the house. As you can see I love snowmen!!

I might even do some baking today..stay tuned.

My mom needlepointed these stocking for my children when they were born. 
One of these days I need to pass them on to them for their homes. 

I just noticed for the very first time that my son's has a cardinal on it, very significant.

 This was one of the many albums that belonged to the previous owner and we were lucky enough to have become ours. I love this one the best....although while listening to it last night, hubby said it sounded like we belonged on the ward of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
Off to finish some knitting of a sweater I am making for hubby. I started it last winter and hope to finish it this week...then possibly some sugar cookies this afternoon. See you soon.


  1. Can we see pictures of the knitted sweater? I'll attempt one someday! My mom is also in the middle of decorating, except that last night our cat smashed one of the glass balls and he has also shredded a gift I wrapped. It is going to be interesting with him around. If you're not busy in late January, we should make plans to go to that Scaasi exhibit.

  2. I will surely post a photo of hubby in the sweater. I just finished it except for adding the buttons. Would love to meet in January!!


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