December 1, 2010

The Snowman Needs Some Snow

Sunlight on a snowman. 
Thank goodness he is not made of snow.

As you can see through the window, we have not had any snow yet. I always look forward to the first snowfall. It makes me feel like a kid again. Today it is just high winds and rain. Ugh!

I have done some decorating in the new house, but still have loads of work to do to make it feel like our home. I have been working on cleaning an old linoleum floor in our entrance hall, but it is taking me quite a long time because of some shoulder trouble I am having. I have to clean it with pure bleach and then scrub. I have only been only able to do small squares at a time because of the pain in my shoulder. I think it must be years since this flooring was really cleaned. Someday we will pull this up and expose the wood floors below, but it may be a long time before hubby has the ambition to get this done, so clean it I must.

You can see the before and after in these photos.
I believe the trouble with my arm is from working on the computer which is set up on a table and completely none ergonomic I have taken to having the mouse on my leg and using my upper leg as a mouse pad which helps.

Because of this I have not been doing any blogging lately...but I miss it. I miss you. How do you handle the proper working of the mouse? Do you try and have correct posture while typing? Do you use a laptop or a desktop? I need some help with this or I'm afraid I might do some serious injury. My arm hurts from my forearm into my shoulder and I know it is from the computer. Any suggestions?


  1. Hi Sassy Lassie:

    A new network, Antenna TV, will be bringing us all seasons of Hazel starting January 1, 2011.

    The musical production of Hazel is coming to New York stage next year....It brings together the fine talents of Ron Abel, Chuck Steffan, and Lissa Levin...

    Best wishes!

    My next book on Shirley Booth will be available online in two weeks.

  2. As regards your arm - you might have carpal tunnel syndrome or some sort of nerve damage... You should check with a doctor who can do the appropriate nerve testing - and to be sure it's not something else. Carpal tunnel could be quite painful - and it worsens. I have it, and as a result, I wear braces on both arms - as they help keep the nerve from being constricted. There is surgical options but I opt not to be tampered with (unless it's an emergency)!

  3. Wow Jim...this is exciting. I will HAVE to get to NYC for the this idea...and the SHOWS. YEAH!!!! I Wll get that TV station some how!!!

  4. And we JUST moved into a house that has an antenna on the roof...I am guessing I might need have made my New Year with this news. I will be knitting and watching HAZEL!!!

  5. There's plenty of snow here to share...

    I imagine your new house's outdoor holiday look to be like a greeting card or a scene from an old movie: beautiful! All your hard work will pay off, even if it means dealing with the current floor for the time being.

    I try to sit with proper posture while on the computer and while sewing, but I always find myself slouching. I sometimes use a timer to help remind me to pay attention to how I'm sitting. Lately it seems all my time is at the computer instead of the year's resolution...more sewing time.

    Hope you find the source of your arm pain. My chiropractor, hot and cold packs help me through the pain most times. A good wine and cry helps too!

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  7. I can no longer use a mouse due to overuse/repetitive stress injuries (too many years using a mouse at work with bad ergonomics plus a shoulder injury). I'm currently using a Contour Roller mouse (
    I have been completely pain free since switching to this device since it keeps my hands centered in-line with the keyboard. That reaching out to the side is really hard on your shoulder if you do a lot of computer work. I've had several co-workers switch to the rollermouse as well.

    I'll warn you - they're pricey, but totally worth it in my opinion. My work device was purchased for me since it was related to an on-the-job injury but I liked it so much I bought one for my home computer.

    You can find the original rollermouse (i.e., not the newer 'pro' model) online at more of a discount. I have the original model and it's about 5 years old and still working great.

  8. Thanks Denise for all that info. I will certainly look into it.

  9. That floor is looking so super clean! I miss your blogging too, but obviously I've not had any time to read anyone's blogs or update my own in awhile. We apparently had a flurry today but I missed it, boo!


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