December 12, 2010

Welcoming Winter

 Last night hubby and I watched 'Frosty the Snowman'. During the show he admitted to me that when he was little he cried every year when Frosty melted....and that my friends is why I love him so much.

Our front entrance.
For many years we have cut down our Christmas trees. 
Here is hubby cutting one down in 2003.
Here are my kids carrying the tree we just cut down. 
Circa 1990.
And here is my son cutting down a tree for his first Christmas together with his then girlfriend, now fiance.
This year there was no cutting down of a tree.
We just could not manage our schedules together, so I purchased one at a garden center.
It is a small balsam and is ever so delicate and sweet.
Here it is taken with a flash and my little one Dalai peeking into the photo.
Yup, still have the eagle wallpaper up in certain parts of the house and you can see the linoleum floor that I still have not finished bleach/cleaning because of my shoulder.
Now I need to go put more Cinnamon Swirl bread into the oven (I took pictures of the process today and will blog and give you the recipe real soon).

 Happy Sunday 


  1. Lovely tree, Lassie! It's the perfect size and shape--I can almost smell the pine aroma through my computer screen!
    Ya know, I can't remember if I cried when Frosty melted but I do know that I was filled with anxiety every time I watched Rudolph--especially when he and Yukon Cornelius are drifting away on a piece of ice--talk about nervous breakdown!! Is it because of my neurotic tendancies that you love ME so much?!!!


  2. Stephanie, there are many reasons why I love you so much and now hearing about your anxiety over Rudolph and Yukon Cornelius, I love you even more.


I appreciate each and every one of your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.


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