January 2, 2011

1/1/11 Family, Food and Fun

We went to my mom's and dad's for New Years day. It is a longstanding tradition that my mom loves to do. When we were small she always put great intention into our holiday meals and she still loves to do it. It is also rare that all five children are together as I have one brother who lives in Japan.

Mom asked me to make a dessert and I thought I would share the process and recipe with you. It is called Raspberry Velvet Tart and I have been making it for 15 or more years. 
It is elegant, delicious and pretty darn easy.
Christmas 146

Christmas 141

Christmas 143

I use dry garbanzo beans for pie weights. Work perfectly and you can reuse them for years.
Christmas 145

Golden brown crust. The crust takes time to make as you need to chill it twice. I always make a few extra batches of it and put it in the freezer. It is one of the most delicious crust recipes ever.

If you have never worked with white chocolate before it can be a tad bit intimidating. It must be melted in a double boiler or it will burn. When it first starts to melt it looks like this.

Christmas 147

Be patient and gentle and stir often and it soon turns smooth and creamy. Here I am adding it to the tart shell after adding the cream and butter. Velvet is the proper word.

Christmas 150

Then just top with fresh berries and chill.
Christmas 151

Ready to be served with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

Christmas 204

Christmas 200

Christmas 205
My moms pig collection, which Kelly, my soon to be daughter in law, coveted.
Christmas 206

Christmas 207

Christmas 210

Christmas 190

Christmas 189
My dad and me loving my sister's dog Chance.
Christmas 183

And my son brought "the big boy" so family could see him. 
They will graduate shortly from "Canine Police Training"

Christmas 172

Christmas 177
Giving him commands.
Christmas 176

And before all of this adventure, hubby and I took a walk with our two dogs.
All in all it was a wonderful first day of 2011

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