January 1, 2011

A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss

It is a New Years Kiss 
 Hubby came with my family to the restaurant to ring in the new year. He surprised me my donning the 1950's dinner jacket I bought him for my 50th birthday party.
He looked as good as Cary Grant and I got my New Year's kiss.

"I asked the New Year for some message sweet,
Some rule of life with which to guide my feet;
I asked, and paused: it answered soft and low,
‘God’s will to know.’
‘Will knowledge then suffice, New Year?’ Aloud I cried.
And, ere the question into silence died,
The answer came, ‘Nay, but remember, too
God’s will to do.’
Once more I asked, ‘Is there no more to tell?’
And once again the answer sweetly fell,
‘Yes! this thing, all other things above,
God’s will to love.’"


  1. Que votre vie ainsi toujours une tendresse exquise et d'amour. Bonne année, mon cher ami.

    Elise x
    ce sont les moments de pure beauté, merci de les partager


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