January 20, 2011

Ask and you shall recieve

Last week I mentioned I might endeavor to make a dress for Sir Bravehearts upcoming wedding.
I put it out on this blog that I was looking for a pattern something like this:

My friend Elise over at Elusive Reveries sent me a note yesterday telling me she had found this over on e-bay:
It is perfection....even showing the paisley fabric. I think the neck detail will do a great job of concealing some less then wonderful skin in that area and the cut at the waist and hips will give me plenty of room for dancing and looks very flattering. And look at the back. I love it!!!!!!

I put in a bid and won it for $20.00. This is more than I have ever paid for a pattern but for a wedding I thought it was not outrageous. I even found some amazing silk chiffon beaded fabric in paisley. Now I will just have to wait and see what colors Miss Braveheart decides on for bridesmaid dresses.

I am hoping the size 8 from the 1970's will be small enough for me. Fingers crossed!!!


  1. This is going to be stunning, can't wait to see the finished thing! I've really missed your sewing-related posts, you've made such gorgeous things in the past ;o)

  2. Thanks Marie...I can't wait to get the pattern and see the construction details and hope I have the talent to make it.

  3. You do have the talent, just look at all the lovely dresses you've made before!

  4. Oh, thank you so very much for your mention.
    Have you decided upon a fabric? I'm delighted that you found what you liked. I'm sooooooo Excited !

    Have a lovely weekend my friend,
    E. x


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