January 19, 2011

There She Goes....Miss America

Good Morning Friends,
With a snow day yesterday I kind of got a slow start and ended up watching "The View". Barbara Walters started a Hot Topic on the Miss America Pageant. Joy Behar mentioned that she thought the swimsuit part of the program should be obsolete. I tend to agree. We lived in a different world back when this pageant and others like it started. As much as I love living a vintage life, how far we have come as women is nothing to spit at, and I would not like to go backwards. I like having the options of today. How do you feel? Do we (women) take a step backwards by continuing this tradition? 

The soft and curvaceous body of the 1940's, 50's and 60's
 have been replaced by this:
Imagine girls today wearing a swimsuit that cut them across the top of their thighs 
instead of the high-cut look of today!!

This lovely suit can be purchased on Etsy here.
I love the glamor in these photos and clearly I just prefer the look of times past.

On another note...last night before yesterdays post went public I thought of a possible blog name for 'my son'. I thought I would wait and see if anyone came up with another name and then choose. But since there were not enough responses to choose from, I am thinking I should go with what I came up with.

So moving forward 'my son' will now be Sir Braveheart. Although he is Irish rather than Scottish, the name fits him entirely.

Thank you Lady Bug for your idea. Would love to have you pick out a pattern. Just e-mail me at retrolassie at gmail dot com and tell me which one and where to send it to.

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