January 18, 2011

Knit One, Purl Two for Today...and A Contest

Another storm here in the northeast. This one a mix of snow and freezing rain so with that I decided yesterday to get a start on some knitting I picked out to make back in October.

One of my son's army buddies recently had a baby, well he didn't, but you get the picture. She is a real doll and they named her after my son (her middle name is his name). When she was about due, I sent a note on facebook stating that I wanted to knit something for them (both of my kids know I can't WAIT for grandchildren and this is about as close as I have come so far). She mentioned that she had just been asking family members if any of them knew how to knit because she had a cute poncho she had seen on the Internet that she wanted made. She was thrilled to think that I might knit it for her new baby and sent me the photo. I started looking around on the web for something like it and then something wonderful happened. I found the actual knitting pattern for free. Yippee!!!!!!!!! AND found a great new company that I did not know about. I could make every single one of these adorable baby items found on the DROPS Design website. Patterns are all free and the yarn is delightful.

In this color .

On another note...I need a blog name for 'my son' and need your help. If you type 'my son' (with quote marks) into the search box to the right you will see much of what I have written about him. If I like one of your ideas, you will be the winner of your choice of two of the patterns I have on Etsy and maybe a few other surprises.

Put those creative thinking caps on!!!

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