January 6, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure~ Kenneth Sean Carson

Let's be real here friends, did any of you know that was Ken's full name? You could have given me a million guesses and it would not have come out of my mouth. Like Barbie, Ken is named after one of Ruth Handler's children.
 In the Barbie mythos, Ken and Barbie met on the set of a TV commercial in 1961. Since his debut, Ken has held at least forty occupations, from sugar's daddy (2010), to hair stylist (1991, 1992, 1999). Mattel has never specified the exact nature of their relationship. Hello...did you see how he was behaving with Tammy in my bag for the past five years?

Can I just admit this up front and get it out. I really, really want to be a kid again. Not in today's world but in the world of my childhood. I have been researching these dolls and now I want ALL the outfits. I want to see them in their package and put them on a brand new vintage Barbie. Do I need therapy? Wait, don't answer that.

How it all started....

 This is not my Ken but a shot from another website. My Ken is missing his drawers. I do still have his stripped beach jacket though and how I remember the cork sandals that came with him. I had them for years.

Here is my gorgeous man!
Ken Swim Jacket
Like most men his age, he is loosing a bit of hair. 
You know "Male Pattern Baldness"
Barbie 026
"Fondue and brandy, anyone?"
Ken Stripped Sweater 
 I believe this is a "Bowling Outfit". I can't find it on the web, but I remember the bowling ball in its clear plastic carrying case like it was yesterday.
Barbie 021 
This sweater has not survived well. What a shame.
Barbie 023
"How do I look Barbie? Do these pants make me look fat?"
Ken does not get much groovier than in these duds.
Barbie 016

Ken Yozers
"Oh Ken, will you please stop looking at yourself in the mirror and come to bed. I have a surprise for you".
Barbie 030


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  2. Oh, Ken. A sad, sexless afterthought, alas.

  3. As a lover of retro tidbits and trivia.. AND a toy collector to boot, I'm almost ashamed to say I DID NOT know this! Thanks for this info.. great pics.. and slightly erotic twist at the end of the post. LOL!

  4. p.s.: FINALLY got around to adding a links list, and YOU are in it girlie!

  5. I learned to love Barbie as an adult -- my childhood Barbie was the first Hispanic Barbie from around 1980 (my parents wanted to give me one with the same color hair as me) and I was already a little old for Barbie when I got it. Alas, it's long gone now. I love dolls from the 50s and 60s -- much cooler than the Barbies of my childhood. The only original doll I acquired is a mod Casey (complete with asymmetrical triangle earring), but I have quite a few of the reproduction dolls from more recent years.

  6. I kept my Barbies also but never had a Ken doll. Your guy is in great shape.
    I just did an item on my own blog about your wonderful reference to "You're Just what I need." My daughter and I love the book. Thank you.


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