January 8, 2011

My Beloved Skooter and Pepper

Smiles...Yesterday I had just finished posting on Midge when my phone rang and it was Miss Welz giggling. She is the one and only childhood friend that would have played Barbies with me. She told me that she would spend hours with her younger sister playing in their attic with their Barbies. They would use their mothers shoes as cars and build streets out of blocks and the vinyl carrying cases would be the houses. What imagination!!! She said they thought nothing of spending 4 hours at a time in Barbie fantasy land.

On to Pepper and Skooter (which is also a childhood/high school/college nickname of hubby's that we still sometimes use).

I always thought my doll was Skipper. But Peter at Male Pattern Boldness set me straight when he commented on his Skooter and sent me a link to his doll, who is quite adorable I might add.


Bendable Leg Skooter (1966 - 1967). Skooter was Skippers friend and had shorter hair and freckles. I really played with this doll. Maybe with her bendable legs she was more fun. I remember losing her at the bottom of a pool while we were on vacation and my big brother dove to the bottom and retrieved her, which stopped the panic and tears.
 Here is how I found mine in the bag. 
It is quite obvious to me who played with her last. Nice 80's outfit put on by Miss Moll Doll.

Here she is after a little salon time with me yesterday.
Barbie 055
I have not been able to find the origins of this outfit and I no longer have any other clothes for her.
Barbie 056
I believe my cat Blackie chewed her legs many, many years ago

Pepper was made by Ideal and was Tammy's younger sister. 
When you shake her she rattles like she is filled with Pepper...at least mine does.

 My Pepper and her original outfit.
Barbie 052
Barbie 051
 She had an amazing and cute pair of jeans with rolled cuffs that went with this hooded sweatshirt. 
I loved them but alas...gone with so many others to outfit heaven.
Barbie 054
 I had this ballerina outfit and she wore it often.

So tell me more about your dolls? Did/do you have either of these? Different color hair perhaps? Stories of loosing them at the bottom of swimming pools?

I wonder who we will visit tomorrow. Stay tuned my friends...stay tuned.


  1. Oh, I LOVED seeing your dolls! I never had a Skooter. At least she still has her (mangled) foot - my Skipper lost half her arm. due to my carelessness :(
    Funny you should post this, as I am preparing another post about vintage dolls!

  2. Pepper's cute but she's no Skipper.

    That's a pretty nasty gash on Skooter's leg -- I'd watch for gangrene!


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