January 9, 2011

We Interupt This Program-MPB Sew-A-Long

I have fallen prey to a sew-a-long. I just could not stand by and 
watch as all my blogger friends joined in the fun with Peter.

I just finished knitting a sweater for hubby this week. 22 years and it is a first, so I thought while I am on a roll why not sew him a shirt. But what shirt? So many to choose from.

This one totally caught my eye. Especially the Pink Panther. 
But hubby is too short for this style and it would make his legs look like chicken legs.
Hmmmm he does love to roll up his sleeves and those tabs would really help to keep them up.
Would making this caftan also give him a twelve pack?
Now this is more like it a his and hers that we could wear out together. 
We most certainly would turn heads strutting these around.
If it was a sew-a-long for knits, why this would have been just the shirt for hubby. 
He has a pair of 80's short boots in the attic that would compliment it completely.
 I almost hit the buy button on this one.
And is it me or is there a striking resemblance to Ronald Reagan here.
 What he actually would like is a shirt like the one below. 
We were at a Christmas party and he eyed something like this on Stephanie's hubby Frank.  
Yes Frank, no one is safe from being mentioned in this blog.

These shirts run around $100.00 and I do not have it in the budget to purchase him one.
 But I bet I could make it for much cheaper and with Peter to help it should be a swell success. 
I can't wait to tell hubby what I have decided.

I finally chose this pattern. I like the back yoke, it is the proper size (fingers crossed) and only $2.50
Now to choose a fabric. I may might just sew along with Peter using a muslin or cheap fabric I have in my stash and then purchase a nice soft wool and leather patches once I know how to sew it and fit it correctly. 

In the end, hubby is a star unto himself and keeps company with some very hip and cool people.
This is his friend Mick

What do you think? Light plaid or dark plaid?


  1. Personally, I think Scott would look simply 'dreamy' in one of those belted numbers above---just saying. Seriously, though, I think a darker plaid would look nice and by the way, you made Frank laugh with your comment.


  2. Oh, Perfect ! Me Too :)



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