January 10, 2011

Will I Ever Recover?

Oh dear..oh my...I hate when I get on a jag about something, which happens all too often. I have promised myself and hubby that I will reel my urgings in, but the temptation is almost beyond dealing with.

Today I found out that my Fashion Queen Barbie was reproduced by Mattel just this year. How very serendipitous. I may have told friends and family (whilst moving so much 'stuff' in our recent relocation) that  I never want another gift in my life, but hmmmmmmmmm I may have to rethink that thought. I mean look at her in all her loveliness. Turban, shoes and earrings...oh my! I must steal away from this site before it is too late. I don't need her. I don't need her. I don't even want her (yes I do). I don't need her.

Friends and readers, do you think if I say this often enough the urge to purchase will pass? Quick give me your best diverging technique before it is too late. Because if I buy her than I will start madly purchasing vintage outfits and sewing patterns for her and who knows where that will lead. Surely it won't be good.

And then she will need a proper home to live in and somehow I will have to search far and wide for a "masculine" looking Ken (thanks Stephanie for making fun of my Ken and giving me a complex), which I know there is not one of on this entire Earth. So then I will have to create one out of plastic. Soon I will be researching plastic molding companies in China and do you see where this is going?

I guess I will just have to freeze my pay pal account and pretend it is not just as easy as a click here and a click there and she would be at my doorstep yearning for play. Arggggggg!!!

How did I discover her? By typing  'vintage barbie game' into an ebay search. What I really wanted to talk about was this.
Do any of you remember this game? Long ago I owned it. Not once but twice and I still have the pink gown which is highlighted on the board, although without the white stole.

The Boyfriends 1960
1990's ehemmmm Stephanie. Which era would you prefer?
Or do we need to go to China for some more plastic molding?
The dresses for purchase!
The money " In Barbie we Trust"

I remember this game like it was yesterday. My first game is long since gone. My mother threw it away I'm sure eons ago and once again the memory had remained hidden in some lost recess of my mind until a night in the late 90's when I went to the home of a new friend who was moving and unloading many of her things. I saw it and squealed with delight. I don't recall what I bought it for $5 or $10 but what I DO recall is that a few years later she asked for it back. It was pristine! She told me she would trade me for some Beatles stuff (of which I never received or again I don't recall receiving) and I mailed it off to her. Sigh!!! and sigh again.
If I had it today, I would invite my girlfriends over for an afternoon of it. Boyfriends and shopping. What else is there?

While I am going down memory lane I will also tell you that I once had this. I searched far and wide on the Internet for color photos of the inside of the house but none were able to be copied for the blog. It was completely made of cardboard and I would dare say this is where I kept all of my Barbies and their clothes and is one of the reasons I still have them, although sadly not the house. Any sugar daddies out there who would like to purchase "The New Barbie (cardboard) Dream House" for me? Just kidding...sort of.

Well friends that is more memories than this one sassy girl can take for today. I may need to go put a cool cloth on my forehead as to recover. Till tomorrow


  1. Oh, those wigs... but a little pricey, imho.

  2. Wigs...what wigs...did I miss something? I hate when that happens.

  3. We had the game too - how I wish we still did. I won't be able to buy it new - but a girl can dream, right??


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