February 3, 2011

The Good. The Bad..and, Well It's All Good

The very good news is that Peter did not banish me from the sew-a-long when informed that I was moving ahead without him. More good news is that I have learned my lesson. 

Like anyone who grew up Catholic, I need to purge myself of my sins. So (sew) without further adieu, "Forgive me Peter for I have sinned".

No more moving ahead.
No more pocket.
No more a tisket or a tasket 

I did sew the yoke and yoke facing to the back and kind of matched the plaids (although for some reason I was thinking the yoke would be on the bias).
*Note to self that I would like the 'real' shirt to have the yoke on the bias. That is unless my fellow sew-a-longers think that is not correct.

I was then able to do a quick, hold it up to hubby's back, and see that it was looking pretty damn good, albeit wayyyyyyyyyyyy to long for my rather short man. But that will be an easy fix on the real one (no not hubby, the shirt). This is why you make muslins, which is altogether a new thing for me. Yeah!!! I am learning so(sew) much and it is only day two.

And then to beat the band right out of town, the post below was in my in-box today. Hellooooooooooo! there is a God, but then again I always knew that.

Sewaholic: Matching Plaids

And lest you think I am kidding about all this snow and ice, here is a photo of hubby's beard after he came in from shoveling snow off the roof on Tuesday.

I love those lips!!

I did peruse all of Peter's tools (ha) for sewing and really have my eye on a self healing cutting board and rotary cutter. I really hate pining the tissue down and then cutting it out with scissors. I think I might sew more often if I had them. I also saw this adorable tutorial on the Mod Podge facebook page for sewing weights. 

Tutorial done by  
So while I am waiting for everyone to catch up with me (just kidding) and the roads look not as slippery and scary as they do today, I might just get some large washers and try these babies out.

See ya soon

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