February 4, 2011

More snow on the way...you're kidding me right?

I am laying here with my back in spasms. Can I say it? Damn snow. I was so excited about the first snow storm in our new house. I wanted to watch the streetlights illuminate the falling snow at night and eat fondue and drink wine and know there was no place to go. Snowbound at its best. But this is getting ridiculous

Work has been slow because no one goes out to eat in a snow storm. We actually closed two nights this week and now I am not able to work because of my back. Ugh! I can't sew either as sitting does not feel good. Standing is somewhat okay as long as I don't walk and laying down is okay too as long as I don't move too suddenly.

I am doing all the necessary things, ice, rest and anti-inflammatory drugs,  but I would love to be sewing or doing anything for that matter.

Hubby has done most of the shoveling, but I did quite a bit the other day and strained my back. It is hard to imagine how much snow there is out there. Hubby had created paths for our two dogs, Dalai and Pabu to go do their business on. It has worked brilliantly all winter until this morning when I took them out for their second romp of the day. They realized they could move off the path (jump up onto the bank of snow) and walk on the ice covered snow without falling through. They weigh under 15 pounds each. And off they went. They thought this was the best thing ever. I was in short shoes and not the best pair of pants. Thanks goodness I choose to put my coat, hat and mittens on.

The photo below was taking on January 1st before we had all the storms. Just imagine them prancing across this snow all the way to the houses in the background and me chasing (it really was not a chase as each step I took I sunk in over my knees and was cut by the ice on the top layer. The further away they kept going the more panicked I got. Sir Braveheart told me once, that if they ever did this to run in the opposite direction and make happy sounds. They were so far away I could not even get them to see me trying to do this and I could not run. At one point I even acted as though I was hurt or dying in hopes they would have some dog allegiance and come help me. It did get their attention for a moment.

Finally one of them had to poop and the other stayed nearby and I was able to catch up with them. I picked up Dalai, the bigger of the two, and carried her back tracing my footsteps and sinking even deeper with each step. Pabu behaves a bit better and he decided he had better stay close.

So here I lie or is it lay? Doing nothing. Damn snow. No sewing. No knitting.No nothing.

Christmas 157

Here you can get a small idea of how fast they can run.

This can't come soon enough for Sassy Lassie.


  1. Oh gosh, they look so happy and ...innocent.
    I hope you are on the mend soon. Good thing they are so (damn) cute !

    Hugs dear friend,
    Elise x

  2. Hope your back feels better soon, you'll have some catching up to do once you're better!

    Love the video of your pups!


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