February 13, 2011

It is Cherry Blossom Time

I have been busy making my muslin, bit by bit this week. It has been fascinating to me to see it come together and realize I have a wearable men's shirt for hubby...even the muslin has come out pretty darn well for a first attempt. Thanks Peter for all the help. As soon as I finish writing this post I am going to try my hand (I'm actually not even sure if it will fit on my machine) at the vintage Greist Buttonholer I purchased for $1.00 at the local thrift store at add all the buttonholes. I will then butter hubby up in any way possible and see if he will try it on so I can see how it fits and perhaps EVEN take some photos. Hubby is camera shy (wipes her brow).

I also thought I would show you a cool thing I did in my sewing room. This room was the largest bedroom in the house and the previous owner-Mr. Rooney-used it has his bedroom. It is on the south side of the house and gets lots of sunlight and is always toasty warm. I love it. 

Here is a photo of it on the day we purchased the house, remember we also bought the contents of the house so it appeared just like this.
The wallpaper in the room was this: Old and dirty.
When we started removing it we found this underneath:
You can still see it in the closet as well as a third wallpaper:
There were a few spots where I was able to remove the Cherry Blossom wallpaper in larger 
pieces and I saved them.

 I framed them and hung it on the wall of the room.
 It looks much better in person than in these photos. 
There is a bit too much glare from the glass, but you get the picture.
It makes me feel so happy to preserve the past of this house. Hubby and I have a huge soft spot in our hearts for Mr. Rooney. It is more than a soft spot, we admire who he was and how he lived. 

Here comes hubby, I must get going on the buttons so I can show the big reveal tomorrow.

Adios Amigo's


  1. Thats a great way to preserve a pretty piece of wallpaper!

  2. Cheery blossoms...you had me imagining Spring by your headline. A great way to preserve the paper.

  3. That's an amazingly artful way to preserve the history of the house, I'm sure I'll use that in the future!

  4. Ooh that's so cool! What a great idea!


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