February 8, 2011

I Believe in Miracles~It's a Disco Inferno

It's hard to concentrate when the Bee Gee's are singing Night Fever. Admittedly I grew up during the disco era. I hated it!!! I was a hippie and thought the whole idea of big heals, disco balls and the like...were just...let me say horrid!! But somewhere deep in the depth of my being I found joy yesterday as the song "I Believe in Miracles" entered my head when I realized that somehow I had the right and wrong side of the sleeves correct. The vision of amputation and reattachment of arms so the sleeves would be right, that Peter mentioned the other day, was still fresh in my mind.
And then more happiness when I realized I had the right and wrong sides correct as well (notice the blue painters tape on the proper side below).
 And my tailors tacks matching up? I DO believe in miracles.
I thought I would put some disco music on while I sewed ~Thanks Pandora (isn't dancing good for a bad back) Sure am glad I took that Ibuprofen earlier...cause if you could see me now. 


Speaking of the 70's. The other day Pam over at GoRetro did a blog post on this knitting/crochet booklet. Stephanie and I thought hubby and Frank would look dashing in a couple of these. Stephanie thought Frank could rock the pimp looking guy (top left) and hubby, the suede hat-hippie looking outfit (bottom right). We all agree the hot man in the bottom center was our top pick. Anyone up for a Knit-A-Long?
Ah, freak out!
Le freak, c'est chic
Freak out!
Ah, freak out!
Le freak, c'est chic
Freak out!

Have you heard about the new dance craze?
Listen to us, I'm sure you'll be amazed
Big fun to be had by everyone
It's up to you, it surely can be done

Young and old are doing it, I'm told
Just one try and you too will be sold
It's called 'Le Freak', they're doing it night and day
Allow us, we'll show you the way

Is this supposed to be about sewing? Or did a Delightful Distraction take hold of me. At least I'm smiling...and that is more than I can say about the past few days. Did you think I'd crumble? Did you think I'd lay down and die? Oh no not I. I will survive!!! I used to cry, but now I hold my head up high!

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  1. I can't hear "You sexy thing" by Hot Chocolate without thinking of the movie "The Full Monty". Glad to hear your feeling a little better.


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