February 7, 2011

About to Sack the Placket....WAIT! Last minute appeal was heard and accepted

Here is my attempt yesterday at the sleeve placket. It took me awhile, but I finally GOT what I was being asked to do. Directions can oftentimes be very hard to register in my brain. Pictures work better sometimes.
I had mine looking just like the picture here:
 But then when I folded it over it bunched over to the right.
My suspicion is that it has something to do with my snipping. I feel a bit snippy at this point as well. 

I looked around a bit to see what other plackets (Peter's specifically) looked like and I realized that my inside 'whatchmacallit' was too big. I had folded it over too much. Once I shortened its horizontal width the placket did not bunch anymore. You can see in the first photo how wide it was and the new and improved version below.

Not bad for a first try. I am so thrilled that this is just the muslin. Who cares about how it will fit hubby, I am happy to be learning all these new things.
Cheers and applause do need to be tamed down for a moment though, as the inside is not so wonderful! Blech!! 
And hows about those matching plaids. Please tell me that the placket does NOT have to be matched perfectly. Maybe in another lifetime as a seamstress for the King, I might be able to do something like that.

Speaking of a 'seamstress to the King'. I was, wasn't I? In my down time, and there has been days and days of it at this point,  I read the book "The King's Mistress" which is an historical novel about the life of Alice Perrers. Fascinating stuff going on in the house of the royal family circa 1360 and onward.

The book talks quite a bit about the cloth and design elements in the clothing that was worn. Escarlette was mentioned many times although I could not find much specific information on what it really was other than expensive cloth.

Well that is how my day is unfolding. My back it still quite bothersome. I had to break down and take some Ibuprophin today. I took a small walk outside which felt nice. The warmer weather is delightful for sure. I am not looking forward to dropping temperatures later in the week, but thankful beyond reason that the huge storm the forecasters were speaking of for the later part of the week, is going out to sea.

Toodles for now.

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  1. Bingo -- you got it! Congratulations, Lisa!

    The plaids could match, but they don't HAVE to match. Or you could cut them on the bias and not have to deal with matching at all.

    Honestly, when's the last time you noticed a man's shirt sleeve plackets?


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