February 23, 2011

Let's Start Knitting

I am getting ready for the Briar Rose Knit-a-long today. I received my yarn yesterday and although I ordered 6 skeins they sent me 8 (shrugs shoulders) so maybe there is a nice matching pair of socks in the future as well.

Today I will do my gauge. I have done quite a bit of knitting in my time and I have NEVER done a gauge, so this will be interesting. I will learn if I am a tight kintter, loose knitter or straight shooter.

When I bought my sewing machine last winter, the first thing I sewed on it was a knitting needle holder. I just made it out of my head. No pattern, no fussiness. Just a pair of sissors and the machine. I used some fabric I had in my stash (actually I did not know the word stash, when speaking sewing, back then) and it turned out okay~to~ fair. No work of art by any means, but it does the trick of holding my needles.
 3 Different Fabrics
I had not sewn in over 20 years when I started this and you can sure tell. 
I've come a long way baby!

What was the first thing you ever sewed?  And I am curious as to how many sewers are knitters out there? Or knitters are sewers?  My talent to knit is about the same as it is to sew. I am more than a beginner, but not an expert by any means. Should I concentrate on just one of these and become better and then do the same for the other or just wing it as I have to this point and risk never becoming an expert at either.


  1. I knit as well, but not as well, haha! To clarify I also knit, but I am not by any means very good nor advanced. I'm finishing up some mittens for MMM. By the way, as soon as it warms up enought o walk about Boston I still want to go to the Scaasi exhibit with you :)

  2. Lisette...send me your email address through my e-mail over in the side bar and we can talk about going to see Scaasi. Your mittens are great! Did you do them on 4 needles? If so that is not a beginner technique.

  3. I knit and crochet, I think both are fun and fit different niches. For me, sewing takes more concentration and attention. Crochet is something I can do when I'm talking or listening or watching TV, helps keep the hands busy. I don't think you have to give up one or the other to be good at both.

    And truthfully, I do a lot more cooking and baking overall than any crafty thing. A variety of options helps keep burnout at bay, you can switch out to focus more on something different, then come back with fresh eyes and enjoyment.

    YMMV of course, as people differ.

  4. I meant I sew and crochet, not knit and crochet. I don't knit with any skill whatsoever.

  5. I was a knitter for about 4 years until I learned how to sew a year or so ago. I still have old blog posts about knitting, since I moved my blog over and turned it into a sewing blog and not a knitting one.

    The first thing I wanted to sew was also a knitting needle holder. One of my first projects ended up being a pencil skirt which I still wear today!

  6. Are you using the cotton from Knit Picks? I received an extra skein as well! Mistake or brilliant marketing campaign?

    I've been sewing since I was a kid - my Mom taught me the basics. I guess I'd have to say I'm advanced except I still feel like a beginner a lot of the time! I learned how to knit not that long ago, but have really taken to it. It's nice to have both hobbies. Sewing takes dedicated time and space, but knitting can be done almost anywhere.

  7. I am using the cotton from knit picks...yes good marketing.


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