March 26, 2011

Blaming it All on Tom Builder

I think I may have been a little too hard on Peter yesterday, especially after all of his generosity in sending me the Rose Print fabric, which I adore.

I have been watching the mini-series "Pillar's of The Earth" the past few days and what with all the evil deception and barbarianism I had been viewing, I just got carried away. When I came to my computer yesterday morning 'Tom Builder' had just been murdered and I was crushed. No more fantasies for the day!! I imagine you might have been crushed too!
So I was a bit sour and then there was the cupcake. Delicious for sure, but maybe a little too much sugar for 9:00 in the morning. I was all ramped up! So hopefully there will be no hard feeling. I 'm sure if the tables had been turned and Tom the Builder had just been murdered in his life, he would have been just as sulky and ready to lash out at the nearest target. I mean look at those eyes!!! Is this man gorgeous or what? He kind of reminds me of Scott the Builder aka Hubby.

I soon got over myself and readied myself to sew a Rose Print dress. I was all set to do Vogue s-4987 until I opened the package and saw that it was an unprinted pattern. I have done two dresses using unprinted patterns. I CAN do it, but after two plaid shirts of which I screwed up left and right, I just need to do something simple and straightforward. So I am going to do view 2 Simplicity 2868 and make the jacket from
the vogue and do the interfacing and cuffs in the Rose Print and the jacket in a matching green linen or some heavier weight fabric.

I have already cut out the dress and will give it a start this morning. I plan to whip this up rather fast, that is unless I run into problems and get frustrated. I hope this is a nice easy project with a lovely outcome. I have not sewn anything for myself since last August. I may even have to drag Hazel out and see if she is still alive and kicking.

What fabric would you choose for the jacket? I also think I will need to underline the bodice of the dress. I have no clue about that, but know there are lots of tutorials on the web. I also am planning on not cutting the length and keeping it 'tea length'. Gertie's post the other day along with a segment on The Today show yesterday clinched it for me. I also can't wait to find the perfect pair of pink shoes to go with it.


  1. You may need to send the "angel" Peter some REAL roses after giving the poor soul such a hard time about UFO's...I think a plain shoe, maybe a fun slingback, will be just the thing for the red rose dress and jacket...XO

  2. Rufus Sewell is dreamy. You should check out some of his other movies, like "Cold Comfort Farm" or "Dangerous Beauty".


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